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My New European Hot Spots

There are few European destinations that I wouldn't not want to visit. And over the years I've talked about the places I dream about visiting-Prague, Amsterdam,Provence, even Tallinn, Estonia. But as is the case with all travel aficionados, new "I want to visit spots" often develop and so I thought a post was due in order for me to expound a bit more on them.

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Five Foods To Try In-Hawaii

While yes, Hawaii is indeed part of the United States, if you were to travel there you would see just how different it is from the Mainland (the continental United States). This is especially true in regards to its local cuisine, since over the past centuries numerous cultures and ethnicities have mingled together to form an even more amazing Hawaiian culture. Having been to two Hawaiian islands now, here are five things I would encourage all visitors there to try!

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Restaurant Review: Piccolo Forno

The first time I ate at Piccolo Forno in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood was by accident. I had originally planned to grab lunch at the nearby Coca Cafe but upon arrival, we were told that they weren't taking any new diners as there was a private event going on later that day that they needed to prepare for. While we were majorly peeved, thankfully we were in Lawrenceville which has no shortage of terrific restaurants to try out.

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