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    Unplugging while traveling

    Last year on my cruise to Norway, I only used the Internet a couple of times. D had gotten a very limited data plan to use in Europe and so we used it sparingly during the week (I namely wanted to check out the birthday greetings I had gotten on Facebook since I rang in the big 3-0 while on the cruise).…

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  • A visit to Falmouth, Jamaica
    Cruises Jamaica

    A visit to Falmouth, Jamaica

    Of the three stops my Western Caribbean cruise made, Jamaica ended up being my favorite. Cozumel I loved for reasons devoted to its being a Spanish speaking locale and Mexican food…

  • Thankfully the family beaches were not affected.

    Disney Cruise Western Caribbean Review

    Last month I went on my sixth Disney cruise and since I’ve written heavily about those cruises in the past, I thought I would have more of a recap/highs & lows…

  • 3 days in Munich
    Germany Travel Tips

    3 Days in Munich

    Munich doesn’t get nearly the amount of buzz it deserves. It’s not as world renowned as London or Paris and gets overshadowed by its sibling to the north, Berlin, always…

  • img_8805

    Blueberry Galettes-France

    While I did barely any baking and cooking this summer (I was too busy trying to enjoy the season, not whiling away my hours in the kitchen), I did end…

  • Cozumel Chef Food Tours

    Cozumel Chef Food Tours

    Where Mexico is concerned, I'm no novice. Sure, there are many states I still dream about visiting (Puebla, Oaxaca, Chipas) and yet I've lived for a time in two of them…

  • Prague Eating
    Czech Republic

    Prague Eating

    So in looking back on my trip to Central Europe, I would say I did better in sights than in eating while in Prague (Munich was the reverse). I attribute this…

  • img_9161
    Czech Republic

    Sights in Prague

    While Prague may not be as big as cities like London or Paris there is still a ton to see and do there. In my humble opinion, Prague Castle, the Jewish…