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Restaurant Review: Franktuary Brunch (Pittsburgh)

Last month I had off on a random Sunday and you know me, I took advantage of the opportunity to try out a new spot for brunch. We ended up in Lawrenceville at Franktuary, a spot we had dined at earlier this year for dinner. While I wouldn't normally equate a place that serves "gourmet" style hot dogs as being a brunch spot (don't worry, hot dogs are NOT on the brunch menu), they offered pretty cool options all the same.

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Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce-Indonesia

Last weekend my parents visited and is the usual custom when they come in, my mom and I whipped up a fantastic dinner for Friday night. As my dad likes to say, I'm the chef and my mom is the sous chef. I settled on an Asian themed meal, making dishes from Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, all of which I'll be blogging about separately.

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Are you a travel addict?

What makes a one travel addict? Is it those people who give up everything to travel around the world, year after year? Is it someone who perpetually lives out a suitcase even if they are living in an actual domicile simply because it's "comforting" to them? Or what about those individuals who are always thinking ahead when it comes to travel, envisioning the next destination they hope to visit? To me, there isn't one set of criteria that fulfills the travel addict definition.

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