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Gateway Clipper Riverboat Tour-Pittsburgh

Earlier this year I purchased a Groupon for a riverboat tour on the Gateway Clipper. For anyone not from the area, the Gateway Clipper is a fleet of five riverboats, offering everything from sightseeing cruises, to special occasion dinners, to even wedding receptions. The only other time I had been on a Gateway Clipper boat was my freshman year of college; a special cruise was part of the freshman orientation activities.

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Panamanian Stewed Chicken-Panama

I'm of the opinion that you can never go wrong with chicken for a meal, but especially chicken that has been cooked in the most delicious sauce. And well, when it includes fresh vegetables like celery and bell peppers, that's an added bonus. There isn't anything overly special or gourmet about this Panamanian Stewed Chicken but I think that's what makes it so tasty-it's simple fare at its best. Stewed chicken with sauteed vegetables-I think anyone likes this combination of foods.

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Restaurant Review: Huaca Pucllana (Lima, Peru)

While Lima is known as being one of the best food cities in Latin America (and possibly the world) which equates to a plethora of amazing restaurants there with even more amazing and renowned chefs, there was one restaurant I didn't want to miss out on and that was Huaca Pucllana. If you stumbled over its name don't worry, huaca is not a Spanish term but rather a Quechua one (an Amerind language). Huacas were once ceremonial sites in pre-Colombian times, cultural centerpieces.

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