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Book Review: On a Hoof and a Prayer

ears ago I had read Polly Evans' book entitled It's Not About the Tapas: A Spanish Adventure on Two Wheels. Evans chronicles her experience cycling through Spain. I read it shortly after returning from my semester abroad there, so it was a delightful since I was still obsessed with all things Spain. I also would go on to read another travel narrative of hers, Fried Eggs with Chopsticks: One Woman's Hilarious Adventure Into a Country and Culture Not Her Own (this takes place in China in case you couldn't guess).

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Coq au Vin-France

"Another easy dish that looks like it is hard. It is not in fact, this is the kind of dish you might enjoy spending a leisurely afternoon with. There are plenty of opportunities for breaks. It’s durable, delicious, and the perfect illustration of the principles of turning something big and tough and unlovely into something truly wonderful. Knock out your prep one thing at a time, slowly building your mise en place. Listen to some music while you do it.

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Restaurant Review: Front Porch Cafe (Miami Beach)

Spend just a couple of minutes on South Beach's iconic Ocean Drive and you will quickly see how restaurants are not lacking there. It seems that almost every other business on this popular drag is a food establishment. While some of you may be thinking "great," the foodies reading this will be shaking their heads because they know what a deluge of restaurants in a tourist heavy neighborhood means-more mediocre ones than actual good ones.

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