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    Hotel Reviews USA

    Hyatt Union Square New York

    Hyatt Union Square New York

    In a city like New York, you have hundreds of hotels to choose from (okay, so there's more like thousands but let's be realistic, half of them if not more you probably wouldn't want to stay at). I had no idea where to stay since so many choices is obviously overwhelming but I knew one thing for sure, I didn't want to stay in midtown aka Times Square aka the Theater District aka tourist central. As I've mentioned before, I…

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  • A stroll through New York City's West Village

    A stroll through New York City’s West Village

    Growing up, I visited New York City countless times. However, my visits were almost always limited to the borough of Manhattan, and more specifically, midtown and the Upper West Side (remember…

  • Baked Ukrainian Cheesecake

    Baked Ukrainian Cheesecake

    Sadly, my global kitchen adventures have suffered quite a bit this year as in there haven't been too many of them. Thankfully, a four day weekend this past Fourth of July…

  • Hocking Hills State Park in a Nutshell

    Hocking Hills State Park in a Nutshell

    I may not like to camp (and believe me, that trend is never going to start), however, I sure do like "experiencing nature" as an activity. As I've mentioned in the…

  • Glenlaurel Inn Review
    Hotel Reviews USA

    Glenlaurel Inn Review

    The Glenlaurel Inn in southeastern Ohio is one of those places I have wanted to stay at for years. For starters, it's Scottish themed (a wee bit of Scotland smack down…

  • Book Reviews

    Reading Roundup #13

    Here’s a look at some of the books I’ve read over the past couple of months. My reading tastes are eclectic but I mainly enjoy historical fiction and non-fiction, and the…

  • Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review
    Canada Hotel Reviews

    Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review

    Unlike in Copenhagen, I wanted to make sure I didn't shortchange Vancouver, the departure point for our Alaska cruise. So instead of just staying one night there prior, we stayed two.…

  • 3 things to do in Juneau, Alaska
    Cruises USA

    3 things to do in Juneau, Alaska

    The Alaskan state capital of Juneau was one of the four stops on my Alaskan cruise. It was also the cruise stop that I did the most in terms of variety.…

  • everything else

    Travel the world with Adagio Teas

    I'm currently listening to Lisa See's latest book, The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. Besides learning a slew about China's ethnic minorities (of which my knowledge accounted to zilch prior to…