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Osteria 2350 Pittsburgh: Restaurant Review

I didn't do too great with this summer's Restaurant Week here in Pittsburgh as I only made it to one place. But on the plus side, I did finally get to Osteria 2350, a place I've wanted to try for years since I've walked by it countless times. It was just a little different from what I had expected.

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Reading Roundup Number 7

Here's a look at some of the books I've read over the past couple of months. My reading tastes are widely eclectic but I mainly enjoy historical fiction, historic non-fiction, and the occasional gripping fiction work.

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25th Annual Pittsburgh Irish Festival

You know me, where food and other cultures are concerned I'm game (my stomach and I are citizens of the world). So when I was contacted about attending the upcoming 25th annual Irish Festival here in Pittsburgh, I naturally said yes. And when I was asked if I could make it to an exclusive tasting event that would showcase some of the foods that would be served at this year's festival, heck yeah. So that's the long winded answer of how I spent last night feeling

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Smoke BBQ Taqueria Pittsburgh: Restaurant Review

I had wanted to try Smoke Taqueria for some time but as their original location was in Homestead, a bit of a drive from my house, I never made it there. Thankfully they moved locations last year and in early 2015 officially opened in the Lawrenceville neighborhood, a much closer drive and one of my favorite foodie spots.

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Costa Rica-a study abroad retrospective (part 2)

Compared to my study abroad program in Spain where students were almost "babied," my program in Costa Rica was truly an independent one (well, this is especially true since everyone was sent out on their own to complete their internship).

I learned to master the San Jose bus system. Okay, this is a lie as there is no system, but I could deal with the crazy, frenetic experience that comes with riding the buses there, starting with whether you're going to be riding in an old American school bus

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