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Five Drinks To Try Around the World

Although I write about food all the time, I thought a post on five unique drinks from around the world was needed. And by drinks I'm talking about the non-alcoholic variety. I may do one on adult drinks later on but this post is aimed at all ages.

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Selfies & Sacred Places

When I visited the DMZ in Korea, I posed for a couple of pictures but I felt wrong. I felt wrong to be posing for pictures at the place that is the most heavily fortified border in the world. The place where two sides are still technically at war. The place that more than 60 years later, keeps two countries but one people apart. In neither picture am I smiling. The one taken outside that shows North Korea in the background, I look slightly relaxed. But the photo taken with a South Korean solider who almost looks fake for how rigid he has to be while on duty, I have a serious face.

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My Spanish Bucket List

When I was 20, I had the incredible opportunity to live in Spain for four months. When time and money allowed, I traveled every opportunity I got. I visited three other countries (France, Italy, and Vatican City-yes I'm counting the last one), traveled to big cities (Granada and Madrid), traveled to small cities (Jerez de la Frontea and Cordoba), and even crossed over the Straits of Gibraltar into Africa, although that involved getting horribly seasick which was just the worst thing ever. But for all the traveling that I did, I still missed out on a lot of Spain.

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