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    Czech Republic

    Visiting Terezin Concentration Camp


    I started writing this post over a week ago but then stopped. I felt it was becoming too much of a recap which is what I didn't want since I was writing about a concentration camp, one of the 20th century's most heinous "testaments to inhumanity." No words can ever adequately describe a place such as Terezin concentration camp, or the Theresienstadt ghetto as it's known in German, where thousands of people died and where more than…

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  • Hotel Torbräu Review
    Germany Hotel Reviews

    Hotel Torbräu Review

    Originally I had planned to stay elsewhere in Munich. But after going back and forth on how much money I’d spending for a three night stay considering how little time we’d…

  • Mike's Bike Tours Neuschwanstein Castle

    Mike’s Bike Tours Neuschwanstein Castle

    While not exactly “near” to the southern city of Munich, a trip to Germany’s third largest city didn’t seem complete without going to one of the world’s most famous castles, Neuschwanstein.…

  • Munich Eating
    Germany Restaurant Reviews

    Munich Eating

    Since I didn't really have time on my Norwegian cruise to explore the local food scenes in each of the ports we visited, I was determined to make up for last…

  • img_8946

    Hitler’s Munich Third Reich Tour

    Being the history lover that I am, naturally I signed up for a walking tour where I learned about the Third Reich. You see, I know a lot about the Holocaust,…

  • Eating Prague Tours Review
    Czech Republic

    Eating Prague Tours Review

    While I knew my time in Munich would be too limited to try to cram in a food tour, with Prague it was a sure thing. Although I have gone on…

  • First Impressions of Prague
    Czech Republic

    First Impressions of Prague

    Like many people, Prague was a city I had long dreamt of visiting. It doesn’t have any recognizable global icon like the Empire State Building in New York or the Eiffel…

  • img_9111

    Munich First Impressions

    Some people may find this hard to believe but until recently I never had much interest in visiting Germany (slightly odd since a significant amount of my ancestral heritage is German).…