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Meet the Chef-Pittsburgh’s Ten Penny Restaurant

I had dined at Ten Penny, a new restaurant by the AMPD Group in Pittsburgh's Cultural District earlier this year for brunch, and had an excellent meal. I know that I definitely wanted to return for dinner sometime but when your restaurant bucket list is infinitely long, it's sometimes hard to find room to fit in a place that's "already been done," even if it would be for another meal. However, last week I received an invitation to a tasting event at the restaurant where I would have the opportunity to meet Ten Penny's new executive chef, Anthony Hruska, and also try some of the items he's concocted on the restaurant's new seasonal menu. I of course accepted.

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Mango Ice Cream-Puerto Rico

I love chocolate ice cream just as much as the next person, but sometimes deviating from the culinary norm is a good thing. And even though the helado de mango (mango ice cream) would have been better on a hot summer's day, not a somewhat chilly October one, asi es la vida (the Spanish equivalent of c'est la vie). I was ruminating a possible quick dessert to make last Friday and came across the recipe for this fruity ice cream. I don't own an ice cream maker and have attempted to make ice cream only a smattering of times.

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Lima, Peru attractions

We ended up having one full day in the Peruvian capital of Lima. I know, I know...pretty bad. I didn't mean to shortchange it (truly) but when planning my Peru itinerary, I knew that I didn't want to scrimp on time in either the Sacred Valley or Cusco, so that left Lima. In order to maximize our time in the capital city, I decided to do something I rarely ever do in major cities, which was hire a private driver/guide. Although I normally am quite comfortable with navigating a foreign city on my own, with having limited time I did not want to spend a single moment of it having to consult maps, ask someone for directions etc. Also, even though Lima is a major metropolis, its only public transportation is buses.

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