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    Cruises USA

    3 things to do in Juneau, Alaska

    3 things to do in Juneau, Alaska

    The Alaskan state capital of Juneau was one of the four stops on my Alaskan cruise. It was also the cruise stop that I did the most in terms of variety. My day visiting Canada's Yukon Territory was memorable but involved a lot of driving. And while I loved my nature walk and visit to a famous totem park, it was definitely on the shorter side. While I ended up doing a port excursion in Juneau through Disney, I did…

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  • Entrees

    Georgian Fried Eggplant Roll-Ups

    As I mentioned earlier this year, I absolutely adore one of my newest cookbook acquisitions, Taste of Persia, A Cook's Travels Through Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Kurdistan. So even though I try…

  • Disney Alaskan Cruise Review
    Cruises USA

    Disney Alaskan Cruise Review

    Although I’ve written about what an Alaskan cruise is really like (which you can access by clicking here), this is going to focus more on the specific cruise line (Disney) and the…

  • Taste Vancouver's Gastown Tour

    Taste Vancouver’s Gastown Tour

    One of my biggest regrets from my trip to Copenhagen, Denmark was that I had so little time to truly delve into the food scene there. As we had arrived on…

  • everything else

    Travel the world with Adagio Teas

    I'm currently listening to Lisa See's latest book, The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. Besides learning a slew about China's ethnic minorities (of which my knowledge accounted to zilch prior to…