Are non-digital photo albums of one’s travels a thing of the past?

In the age of Web 2.0 technologies, I don’t make nearly as many physical prints of photos I’ve taken during my travels as I used to. With the advent of sites like Facebook I can effortlessly share digital photo albums I’ve made with all my friends through the click of a button. Photos I took on recent but smaller trips to Niagara Falls, Chicago, and Asheville remain undeveloped, only visible in a technological medium. It’s not that I don’t want to compile photo albums of them, it’s more that I feel photo albums are superfluous. Most people today are digitally connected, able to view albums online so it seems that photo albums are really only for the photo taker who wants to view and admire his or her work. I’m saddened with this turn of events and yet photo albums are just the latest casualty in technology’s quest to integrate itself into all facets of life.

I did come to a decision that I think is a worthy compromise. For all big trips that I take, ones regarded as a vacation, (not just a two night getaway),  I’ll develop the pictures and make a photo album. I did this for my honeymoon to Belgium and Paris and most recently for our Disney cruise in September. I’ve taken to buying plain, inexpensive photo albums and then decorating the outside with postcards of that album’s destination; it’s much cheaper and more. I figure that for a trip which requires extensive planning it’s only right to give it its due after it’s all over in the form of a scrapbook. I know that in Hawaii I will most likely take a ridiculously large number of pictures simply because there everything will be so new and different.

What is your opinion-are photo albums a thing of the past? If you still develop photos do you take the time then to make an album of them?

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