Are there any destinations you would never want to visit?

Excluding those countries and places that would pose an immediate threat to my safety, there are some destinations I simply wouldn’t want to visit. Travel is entirely subjective, so what is one person’s lack of interest can be another’s immense interest. Please keep that in mind as you read through my list. In no particular order, here are five places I don’t care to visit:

Jamaica-I certainly can’t dispute its natural beauty, but its some of the country’s dynamics that turn me off from ever wanting to visit. I’m not a fan of all inclusive resorts. When I travel, especially to foreign countries, I like to see and experience things, not remain immersed behind my hotel’s compound like walls, imbibing round the clock (unlimited alcohol is usually one of the features of all inclusive resorts). In Jamaica, all inclusive resorts are the main type of accommodation, since the tourist industry was not exactly developed with the independent traveler in mind and certain areas of the country are not very safe.

Los Angeles-I’ve only been to California once and that was decades ago, but I have no desire to spend time in Los Angeles. Between the traffic, the smog, and the sprawl, it just doesn’t come across as a very desirable place to visit. Plus, while I enjoy movies, I am not fixated on celebrity sightings, or seeing some person’s hand prints in cement.  There are a lot of areas in California I would love to visit, but Los Angeles is just not one of them.

Liechtenstein-Having the world’s lowest external debt and the second highest gross domestic product in the world are certainly admirable things, but not enough reason to make me want to visit the tiny, central European landlocked country. I’m sure the scenery is gorgeous, but equally impressive Alps views could probably be had in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland, three countries with a bit more “happening.”

Paraguay-I’m a staunch advocate for travel to Latin America and yet Paraguay is one destination I am indifferent to visiting. Although the ruins of the Jesuit missions certainly sound and look incredible, air travel to Paraguay would be extremely expensive (as it is for all of South America), so I would rather spend my money traveling to countries like Brazil, Peru, and Chile.

United Arab Emirates-Although the myriad of shopping opportunities, incredible nightlife, and architectural wonders that are hotels seem incredible, is it reason enough to travel to the Middle East when the same experiences could be had closer to home? I’ve never been to the Middle East, so I would want my first visit to include experiences such as seeing the Egyptian pyramids or swimming in the Dead Sea, not shopping for Valentino footwear.
What are some destinations you don’t care to ever visit?

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    November 9, 2011 at 1:24 am

    I agree on the UAE/Saudi Arabia. Though I know a woman who lived there for a while and, if it weren’t for the potential turmoil there, always said she would go back in a heartbeat.

    As far as Jamaica and some of the Caribbean-I see the appeal of all-inclusive. Especially if venturing out could be dangerous. However, I/we would definitely have to be in the mindset where we literally just want to sit around, eat, drink and do nothing.

    Also, LA is one of my (& J’s) favorite spots. Though I can’t say either of us have been there when it was heavily smogged or during wildfires, we love Hollywood (shady spots and all) and Santa Monica is just gorgeous.

    If you ever decide to brave it to Hollywood (mind you, I have never driven in LA–I have always used public transportation to get around)–you would love love LOVE the Hollywood Museum in the historic Max Factor Building. Love it–I have visited several times. If you ever decide to go–talk to me, I can give you several suggestions and recommendations. We still have yet to explore downtown LA.

    Among my list of no way, Jose–most of Africa. Despite the lure of the amazing wildlife and safaris, the political upheaval in most of those countries makes me leary.

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    the red headed traveler
    November 9, 2011 at 3:27 am

    I know right outside of LA I would probably love it (Santa Monica as you mentioned) just LA proper, not so much. I’m the odd one out in my family since my parents and brother all love it (they’re huge movie aficionados!).

    Although I’m sure I would love all of the Hispanic influences found there.

    I still greatly want to go to Africa although I know my choices are limited in terms of which countries are safe and stable to visit!

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    December 29, 2011 at 5:33 am

    I was inspired by your post so I’ve added mine on my blog:

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    the red headed traveler
    December 29, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    I’m glad to hear this and just checked it out! I think that for as much people list the places they do want to visit, they don’t always list the places they don’t want to visit and the reasons why.

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