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    French Speaking Canada Smackdown: Montreal vs. Quebec City

    French Speaking Canada Smackdown: Montreal vs. Quebec City

    It's often said that a trip to the Canadian province of Quebec is like going to Europe, only without the long plane ride and the often higher costs.  (If you're an American visitor to Canada, the American dollar is slightly higher than the Canadian.)  I was dubious about these claims because it seemed impossible for someplace to feel and be like Europe when in fact it was a continent away. When I visited…

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  • Hotel 71 Review
    Canada Hotel Reviews

    Hotel 71 Review

    When it came to picking my hotel in Quebec City, I knew that I wanted to stay in Vieux-Quebec (Old Quebec), I just didn't know which section would be better-Upper or…

  • Quebec City Eating

    Quebec City Eating

    Even with going on a food tour, I still had ample opportunity to try a a variety of dining spots when I was in Quebec City back in December. For most…

  • The Best in Photos-2017
    Photo Essays

    The Best in Photos-2017

    As I mentioned in my Year in Review post, this year's travels were neither exotic nor far flung. But I did visit two new American states, a new Canadian province and…