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Blueberry Galettes-France

While I did barely any baking and cooking this summer (I was too busy  trying to enjoy the season, not whiling away my hours in the kitchen), I did end up making three fruit desserts which I was really pleased about. I did basil strawberry shortcakes (I was trying to think of unique ways to use my herbs), a peach pie (peaches are simply the best), and blueberry galettes.

If you’re not familiar with  a galette (I wasn’t really until all of a sudden they seemed to be popping up all over), it’s a French term that refers to a variety of flat, round cakes. They can be either sweet or savory (for the latter this one sounds amazing) and summer seemed like the perfect time to make my first ever.

Blueberry Galettes-France

I’m not the biggest fan of blueberries (for some reason I find their taste to be odd), but they did seem like the perfect fruit to use for a sweet galette,  plus blueberries are so quintessentially everything you think of summer as being-fresh produce, warm temperatures, the sun that seems to stay up for hours.

Blueberry Galettes-France

I don’t remember the last time I made my own pie crust (I cheat, bad I know).  However, the nice thing about galettes is that the dough is infinitely easier to make due to the fact it’s not supposed to look immaculate with its perfectly “coiffed edges.” It’s a dish that didn’t originate in high society, but rather among the lower classes.  Think farmers in the country. It’s supposed to have a rustic look to it, not appear as if it was just made in a three star Michelin restaurant.

Blueberry Galettes-France

I cut the recipe in half and so the first two we ate were more of a dessert item but then, being a dish in which the dough wasn’t overly sweet and it was full of fruit, it ended up being the perfect breakfast treat (I’d like to think it had less calories than a Dunkin Donut).

Brittany and Normandy are two regions in France I would so love to visit,  and both lay claim to having the best galette. Although I had always dreamt about visiting the South of France, seeing the striking landscapes that many Impressionist painters so beautifully created on their canvasses, the Northwest of France calls to me more and more, probably due to its more subdued vibes and its lovely simplicity of everyday life I find so charming.

Blueberry Galettes-France

Even though summer may be gone, plan on making this wonderfully elegant yet simple recipe either for company or just yourself. And if you truly don’t like blueberries, just swap them out for a fruit you do! Here’s the recipe I used!

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Blueberry Galettes-France

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