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    What a cruise to Alaska is really like

    What a cruise to Alaska is really like

    On my recent trip to Alaska I sailed with Disney Cruise Lines, although based on the research I did of other companies sailing to the "49th state" the itineraries are basically the same (when leaving from the port of Vancouver, Canada). So I thought I would do a general run-down on what an…

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  • Taste Vancouver's Gastown Tour

    Taste Vancouver’s Gastown Tour

    One of my biggest regrets from my trip to Copenhagen, Denmark was that I had so little time to truly delve into the food scene there. As we had arrived on…

  • Toronto travel tips
    Canada Travel Tips

    Toronto Travel Tips

    As we move into summer and the possibility of vacations come that little bit more within reach, I thought that it would be a good idea to compile a reference guide…

  • Canada Travel Tips

    Montreal Travel Tips

    Montreal is deemed a worthy substitute to Paris (on a North American scale that is), so while the high rise buildings may make it seem like any other American city, be…

  • Canada

    Quebec-not your “typical” Canadian experience

    If you’ve ever visited Canadian cities like Toronto or Niagara Falls, you’ll find they feel remarkably similar to any major American city. The English language is spoken (excluding the ubiqitious Canadian…