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    What I missed: London

    For something new, I thought I would re-visit places I am dying to return to and specifically write about the five things I would like to do the most in those places, things I hadn't seen or done before. First up is London, a city I adore but one I haven’t been to in over a decade!…

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  • A Room With a View Florence
    England Italy

    5 Literary Sites-E.M. Forster

    For something slightly different this month, instead of focusing on one specific country or city, I thought I would focus on the works of British novelist E.M. Forster, who always set…

  • The White Queen

    Visiting the White Queen

    I've only ever read one Philippa Gregory book, The Constant Princess, which is a fictional account of the life of Catherine of Aragon, daughter of the Catholic monarchs, King Ferdinand and…

  • England

    London Calling

    During the winter break between the fall and spring semesters of my sophomore year of college, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to London for two and a half weeks.…