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    Turkish Cauliflower with Minced Lamb


    Growing up, vegetables were a nightly staple at the dinner table including many that I loathed,  like Brussels sprouts and zucchini for starters. I tolerated cauliflower since my  health conscious,  strict mom did permit me to sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top which somewhat improved the taste of this otherwise bland food. Did I ever grow to love cauliflower? The short answer would be no.…

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  • Sour-cherry-sauce-meatballs
    Entrees Global Recipes

    Meatballs in Sour Cherry Sauce

    Back in the summer I happened upon the list of the 2019 James Beard Foundation Book Award winners (and nominees). Being me, naturally I was interested the most in the International…

  • Persian Okra Stew
    Entrees Global Recipes

    Persian Okra Stew

    If you had ever given me okra to try as a child, I would have flat out refused it. Okra would have been ranked in the same category as zucchini and…

  • Lebanese Shish Barak
    Entrees Global Recipes

    Lebanese Shish Barak

    It's hard to believe but my great dumpling making quest began almost three years ago. If you're new around here, basically I became interested in cooking my way around the world…

  • Shrimp chilaquiles
    Entrees Global Recipes

    Shrimp Chilaquiles

    Chee-lah-KEE-less! Oh, how my heart warms at the sound of hearing the name of one of Mexican cuisine's greatest foods being uttered. If you're wondering what the heck they are, they're…