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    Friday Fun Facts-New Zealand

    Since today is a public holiday in New Zealand (if you're unsure of which major holiday I'm referring to, go over and check out my post on my Facebook page), I thought some Oceanic attention was due. So here are some Friday Fun Facts on one of those dreamlike destinations I would love to visit, that is if I can survive the flight!…

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    Friday Fun Facts-Estonia

    Estonia is a country that was never really on my travel radar which is not too surprising since I think it's not on the radar for a lot of country? Why…

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    Friday Fun Facts-Guatemala

    Guatemala is a country I would love to visit. It's relatively close and easy to get to, has a myriad of unique and fascinating places to visit, and is in every…

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    Friday Fun Facts-Morocco

    Morocco is a country that I spent such a brief period of time in that a part of me feels it shouldn't "count" and yet since I did eat couscous IN…

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    Friday Fun Facts-Turkey

    Turkey remains high at the top of my destination wish list and if I had the chance to go anywhere in the world tomorrow it would be between either Turkey or…