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    The Only Street in Paris: Life on the Rue des Martyrs Review

    Elaine Sciolino has the life I can only dream about- noted author, journalist (she’s the former Paris bureau chief of the New York Times), and Paris resident for more than a decade. Even though my French is tres mal, I am game for anything Paris/French culture related, so I immediately made note of Sciolino’s latest book, The Only Street in Paris: Life on the Rue Des Martyrs.…

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    Five Literary Sites Paris

    If there's one place that has both inspired and enchanted writers, it would be Paris. So for my first Five Literary Sites post of 2016, I thought I'd begin with Paris,…

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    Continuons à marcher

    Believe it or not, one of my favorite scenes from the Hollywood classic film Casablanca is one where the characters of Rick and Ilsa are basically "background" characters. It's the scene…