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    Munich Snapshots

    Munich Snapshots

    Munich was such a pleasant surprise for me. Although I had no doubt that I would enjoy myself, what with its beautiful buildings and fascinating history (both good and bad), I just didn't realize how much I actually would. For years, I had eschewed Germany in lieu of other European countries, it was a B-list country for me. But I was missing out. I fell in love with the beautiful Bavarian-style architecture; I became immensely intrigued by the German language…

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    The Best in Photos-2016

    In 2016 I was lucky enough to visit two new states and four new countries (all of this on a fixed vacation allotment). Here are my ten favorite photos from the…

  • 20 Reasons to Visit Charleston
    Photo Essays USA

    20 Reasons to Visit Charleston

    Charleston is one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever visited. I would consider its historic district to be on the same level as those in Bruges, Belgium and Seville, Spain.…