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    Chicago as seen through an iPhone

    Even though I hadn't been in over six years, my trip to Chicago this past weekend made me feel as if I had just visited, everything felt so familiar and comfortable much as my time in New York City felt back in September. I'll admit there was one major difference-my last two visits to Chicago were in February and the last one was less than a week after the city had received an absurd amount of snow (the great blizzard…

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  • Hyatt Union Square New York
    Hotel Reviews USA

    Hyatt Union Square New York

    In a city like New York, you have hundreds of hotels to choose from (okay, so there's more like thousands but let's be realistic, half of them if not more you…

  • A stroll through New York City's West Village

    A stroll through New York City’s West Village

    Growing up, I visited New York City countless times. However, my visits were almost always limited to the borough of Manhattan, and more specifically, midtown and the Upper West Side (remember…