Clubbing Holidays 2013: Survival Tips (sponsored post)

Spring is in the air, and your clubbing holidays mojo should be well and truly getting into the groove.
With just a few weeks left to get your shizzle sorted (it’s a couple of months, really, but weeks sounds
so much more exciting), it’s time to start planning for some serious sunshine shenanigans.

Clubbing holidays come hand in hand with crazy carnage. Whether it’s your first trip oversees without the mother, or you’re a pro at partying hard abroad, some savvy survival tips always come in handy unless you want to come back looking more Iggy Pop, than tantastically top.

Book It

First and foremost, unless you’ve booked your break, your stint in the sun is never going to happen.
Look online for cheap clubbing holidays.

The more of you the merrier – group discounts always go down a treat when you’re splitting the cost
between a few of you. What’s more, be sure to book with a well-known clubbing holiday company,
that’s going to give you the specialist session you’re after.

Pack It

Once that’s sorted, get your documents together. You’ll need a passport with a minimum of six
months validity remaining from your return to the UK, EHIC card, travel insurance, travel documents
and currency.

Don’t forget to pop a homemade clubbing holidays survival pack into your suitcase. Fill it with plenty
of pain relief, sun protection, and the other kind of protection, anti-allergy relief, insect repellent and
travel adapters.

Jet Off

Be safe. Have fun. Stick together. Make a deal with your mates to have one person per night who
stays reasonably level headed. Always arrange a meeting place and time in case you do lose each

Don’t take out more cash than you have to. Take the minimum amount of money you will need for the night. Leave any valuables in a secure safe.

It’s time to own summer 2013. Book your break online today.

The Algarve-a popular clubbing spot in Portugal
Image courtesy of thomascook.com

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