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Disney Dream Cruise Review-(Part 3)

Senses Spa: Although I didn’t have any intention of visiting the spa mainly due to the extremely high prices associated with its offerings, I was quickly swayed once I saw the “chocolate indulgence body treatment” in the brochure. Described as being a treatment to help “melt away stress with a deliciously comforting and anti-oxidant enriching wrap and massage” it was 75 minutes of pure bliss for me. (There was a 100 minute treatment option but that was of course, more.) The woman who performed the treatment was from Namibia (clearly a descendant of the country’s former days as a German colony as she had strikingly blond hair) and was extremely amicable and chatty the entire time. I had never had a massage before and I enjoyed it immensely. Other services offered at the spa include facials, massages, salon services, and even services for men (pro-collagen grooming treatment with shave). Although they say to book in advance, I was able to secure an appointment the day of, so if you’re uncertain about whether or not you want to visit the spa, I would leave it until you’re on the cruise.

Lounges: Neither D nor I are heavy drinkers and although there are 11 lounges on the ship, we only made it to two while aboard. 687 is a essentially a sports bar with definitely more of a masculine feel to it in terms of decor. The night we had a drink there it was the first game of the NFL season, so the lounge seemed more crowded than others with die hard football fans apparently watching. The other lounge we tried was Skyline, a sky bar that featured panoramic and sweeping views of some of the world’s most famous cities. While we were having our drinks, we got to see Paris, Hong Kong, and Chicago. The really cool thing was that within the views themselves, features of the skyline moved as well (in Hong Kong a ferry in Victoria Harbor moved and the Ferris wheel at Chicago’s Navy Pier also moved). Drinks were not cheap but definitely on a par with what you would find in restaurants and lounges in the United States.

The Staff: I think what makes any Disney experience so phenomenal is its staff and those who worked on the Dream were no exception. Nearly 2000 employees work on the Dream including some whom you become more familiar with as they are your servers at dinner or your room stewards. Others you don’t know, but still always greet you with a wonderfully nice hello, always inquiring how everything is going. The staff works incredibly hard and I feel is the main reason why our cruise vacation on the Dream was as fantastic as it was. Disney doesn’t just employ people, they employ the best, they employ those who will help in creating the vacation you’ve always dreamt about.

The Skyline Lounge with Paris in the background

(Note-Disney has extensive programs and services for children of all ages. However, as D and I have no children/were not traveling with any, I can’t comment on any of them, although from my observations of the children and young adults on board, everyone seemed to be having a terrific time.)

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