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Disney Magic Cruise Review-(Part 4)

This post is going to focus on the “quick service” eateries of the Disney Magic cruise ship.

Along with its three rotational restaurants and Palo, its adults-only one, the Magic also has a slew of places for quick service eats, so whether you’re in the mood for a snack at 11 in the morning or wanting a slice of pizza at 7 in the evening, you have it all at your disposal.

NOTE: All quick service eateries are located on deck 9. Daisy’s De-Lites, Pete’s, and Pinocchio’s all close for the evening at 6 PM (when dinner in the restaurants is taking place) although Pinocchio’s does reopen again from 9:30 PM until midnight.


Cabanas was one of the “redos” that took place last fall when the Magic was in dry dock (its predecessor was Topsiders). It primarily serves breakfast and lunch although one of the nights it did offer table service dining (in addition to the three aforementioned rotational dining restaurants). The decor includes clam-shell tables, Adirondack chairs, palm trees, and beach umbrellas-all recalling days of a simpler time. For breakfast and lunch, service is buffet style and with two entrances, you never really have to queue for very long. In addition there are “repeats” of the same food selections further along, if one area is crowded just walk further down to a less congested area. For the first two meals of the day, the cuisine served is “American” ranging from seafood (salmon marinated in a simple glaze, crab legs) to various meat selections, to a salad bar, to chicken fingers to macaroni and cheese. And of course the dessert selections. We ate here for lunch on our first day of the cruise and for breakfast the day we visited Castaway Cay. I wasn’t overly impressed with lunch-I found some of the food selections to be slightly tasteless in addition to lukewarm (I like my food piping hot). Breakfast, however, was much better, especially in regards to the temperatures of the food. Some of the selections offered included eggs Benedict, Mickey shaped waffles, pancakes, eggs, hash, an omelette station and more.

Daisy’s De-Lites
Daisy’s De-Lites offered mini wraps and sandwiches along with different salads to go, bagels, croissants, and fresh fruit. I would definitely say it was the healthiest eating option on the ship for quick service dining. Since the wraps and sandwiches were so small, you can definitely feel comfortable with getting a couple. One day as a snack before our late dinner, I went and got some wraps and they were all delicious. Plus it felt especially good to be eating healthy fare and not just pizza and French fries.

Disney Magic Cruise Review-Magic (Part 4)

Pete’s Boiler Bites
Although he isn’t as well known to some, Pete, of course, is the arch-nemesis of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy (he was featured in the animated short before Frozen). Pete’s serves everything from hamburgers (including veggie burgers), hot dogs, tacos, chicken tenders, and fries. We got fries here one day to go with our falafel snack.

It’s in a separate window from Pete’s, but falafel is now served on the Magic (most likely having to do with the comical “falafel” scene at the end of The Avengers). You can choose which toppings you want (i.e. cucumber, onion, tomato) as well as select a sauce (there were a ridiculous number of delicious sounding options). We split one for lunch and were both impressed (especially since falafel isn’t a food you would normally expect to see on a cruise ship).

Disney Magic Cruise Review-Magic (Part 4)

Pinocchio’s Pizzeria
Maybe it was because the slices I got had been sitting out, but the pizza was average at best. For lunch one day after swimming we each got two slices ( they are very small) and while they tasted decent enough, it wasn’t pizza you would ever rave about. This was somewhat interesting since on my first ever Disney cruise on the Wonder I had gotten pizza from Pinocchio’s. It was personal pan style and, if I remember correctly, tasted a lot better.

Eye Scream
Self-serve soft ice cream all day, every day is basically the gist of this place (well, rather 11 AM-11 PM). Flavors will vary throughout the day and while I noticed some people going “crazy” with the amount of ice cream they were eating, I was glad to see that a worker is there to fill your cones if you want since little children and self serve ice cream machines isn’t always the smoothest of operations.

The quick service eats are definitely not reason alone to book a Disney cruise but I think most people would appreciate the vast number of options and variety as well.

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