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Five Key Tips for Seasoned Travelers


Whether you are backpacking the world, go abroad for business, or simply like to go on a lot of vacations, traveling on a regular basis can be exhausting and you can often meet many issues along the way. However, these top tips can help to solve some of the most common problems of regular travelers and ensure that they are able to explore the world while having a relaxing experience.

1.    Hire a Private Jet

If you are a regular traveler, you will be spending the majority of your time flying between destinations, in transit, or waiting at the airport. This can mean that you lose quality time in the country which you are visiting. However, by renting private jets, you can bypass time-consuming activities such as going through security and needing to be at the airport 2 hours before, allowing you to arrive within 15 minutes of the time of your flight. Not only this, but regular travelers may also find that they are prone to illness, back issues, and discomfort if traveling by plane regularly. Hiring a private jet will also allow you to avoid health issues as its ventilation systems will circulate fewer viruses and bacteria which can potentially make you feel ill, and the more spacious interior will leave you refreshed and raring to go as soon as you land.

2.    Pack Light

Another top tip for regular travelers is to pack as light as possible. Knowing how to pack light is vital for regular travelers as this will enable you to explore without worries about finding luggage lockers or storage areas for your bags. Additionally, this will enable you to carry your luggage with you for far greater distances without causing health issues. This will also reduce the number of extra baggage fees that you are subject to at the airport. If you are visiting a country for a long time and are worried about packing light, you should look for hostels and apartments that contain washing facilities, or take disposable outfits that you can unburden from your luggage after you wear them.

3.    Consider Your Currency

Regular travelers may also lose out on the best exchange rates over time if they do not ensure that they handle currency in the best way possible. For instance, you should avoid exchanging money at the airport, as these locations often have higher exchange rates than in your home country or at your local post office. You should also consider investing in a travel card which allows you to withdraw money from ATMs around the world and reduces the number of transaction fees that you will have to pay on every card purchase, which can damage your finances if used regularly.

4.    Find Alternate Food Options

Food is not often one of the priorities when travelers begin to budget for their expenses, with flights and accommodation taking preference. However, food in tourist locations can be double, or even triple, the price of food in other areas of the city and taste mediocre at best. Instead you should try to walk farther into local backstreets or residential areas to find the cheapest and most authentic options. Either this, or you should consider investing in self-catered accommodation which will allow you to buy food from local supermarkets and cook this yourself, decreasing the cost of your food bill.


Traveling to the Asian side of Istanbul will give you the chance to try authentic Turkish fare.

5.   Add the number of your country’s embassy and consulate to your phone contacts

For my recent trip to Turkey, I added my country’s embassy number into my list of phone contacts. You can’t always rely on being somewhere where there’s WIFI or you might be in a situation where your phone’s data isn’t working. As long as your phone is working you have access to your contacts. And with one press of a button, you’d be able to call your embassy if the situation ever arose.

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