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My dad came to visit this weekend so I decided to go all out with my menu for this week’s food travels. I returned to my Biltmore cookbook since as I mentioned previously the recipes are divided into the four seasons of the year and a lot from the autumn chapter look and sound delicious. When D and I went to Asheville in May, the scenery was stunning but I’m sure it is even more so during the fall foliage.


For a starter I made a Wild Mushroom Bruschetta that was topped with Gouda cheese. It was delicious and not too difficult to make. The recipe calls for four different types of mushrooms (shiitake, cremini, button and oyster) but since my local supermarket only had shiitake and cremini, I substituted portobello mushrooms instead for the other two I couldn’t get.

For our entree I made Braised Short Ribs with Gingered Sweet Potato Mash and Cherry Barbecue Sauce. One word-yum! I usually am my harshest critic when it comes to my cooking but this dish turned out divine! The meat was so fork tender and the sweet potato mash was the perfect bed for the meat to go on. I was also pleased with its presentation.

And for a healthy side dish I made Brussels Sprouts with Vidalia Onions and Applewood Bacon. My dad loves Brussels Sprouts so I made them in honor of his visit. If you’re not usually a fan of Brussels Sprouts I recommend trying this since the added taste of butter, bacon, onion, and white vinegar masque the usual “gym sock” taste as some people think they have.
I made a cake for my dessert but I’ll blog about that in a separate post. If you would like any of the recipes for the dishes I blogged about, please feel free to comment with a request or send an email!
Here’s to good eats!

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