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As I had some things I wanted to accomplish this past weekend, I kept stuff on the simpler side in regards to cooking. I had purchased the cookbook 101 Great Desserts from Favorite Restaurants when in Hawaii and with the exception of a bread I baked over the holidays, I hadn’t made anything from it since. I did discover that while perusing through the cookbook, many of the recipes required cake rings, which not only do I not own, I had no idea what they were.

To accompany our dinner I broke out the packet of papaya seed salad dressing I bought at a store on Maui. The only other ingredients required were white vinegar and vegetable oil; entirely simple and a extremely delicious and tangy taste over some cut up vegetables.

For dessert I made Coconut Orange Creme Brulee. Although I often get creme brulee when eating out at a restaurant, I’ve never made it before namely because I don’t own a torch, the crucial tool needed to “burn the cream.” A quick trip to Bed Bath and Beyond and some $20 later, I was armed with a creme brulee torch and butane fuel. The recipe itself was relatively simple although be sure to have plenty of eggs on hand if you make the recipe as is (12 egg yolks alone are needed!). You could definitely taste the coconut which I love since it instantly reminds me of the tropics.

Coconut Orange Creme Brulee-courtesy of Michel’s at the Colony Surf Restaurant, O’ahu
6 oranges
1 c. heavy cream
1 c. coconut milk
Seeds 1/3 vanilla bean, or 1 tsp. vanilla extract
Zest 1 orange
12 egg yolks
2 eggs
1/4 c. sugar
Sugar for caramelizing
Prepare oranges by washing and slicing off top quarter of them. Use a small paring knife or sharp spoon to remove flesh. Be careful not to damage rind by puncturing it. Bring cream, coconut milk, vanilla and zest to a soft boil. In a bowl, mix eggs, egg yolks, and sugar. Stir into cream mixture. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens (it should resemble a thick soup). Strain immediately and fill hollowed oranges with it. Chill completely for 3-4 hours.
Before serving, sprinkle chilled brulee generously with sugar and caramelize with a torch. If orange skin becomes slightly charred, don’t worry; this will enhance the flavor. 

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