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Food travels-Latin America

A region that will always be near and dear to my heart is Latin America. I’ve spent the most time there in all of my travels and adore the cuisines of many of its countries. I received this cookbook as a birthday present many years ago from my old piano teacher.

I particularly like this cookbook as all of the recipes are healthier alternatives to the original recipes (using egg whites instead of egg yolks, baking instead of frying, etc).  For this week’s meal I made

Ensalada de palmitos (hearts of palm salad)


The first time I had hearts of palm was in Costa Rica. I had traveled to the Guanacaste region for the weekend with the other people from my study abroad program and we had stopped at an organic farm for lunch. Unlike the hearts of palm that came in a can and cost $6 at my local supermarket, the hearts of palm I ate in Costa Rica had literally just been harvested. 


Sopa paraguaya (Paraguayan cornbread)


This is not your typical cornbread as it resembles and tastes more like a corn pudding. I made this dish years ago for an international food festival at my church and was happy to discover a new recipe for it.

Tikenxik (Yucatan-Baked Pompano)

Tikenxik (tee-ken-SHEEK) is an ancient Mayan dish that predates the arrival of the Spanish. The recipe calls for pompano fish but my supermarket didn’t have any. I had to settle for tuna steaks instead. The steaks are marinaded in a mixture of onion, garlic, Mexican oregano, lime juice, and water. I added a pinch of paprika to give the marinade an orangish hue.

Natilla (Spiced Milk Pudding)

Natilla is nothing more than milk pudding and yet it’s utterly delicious. Not too rich and extremely simple to make, it was a great end to dinner.

Buen provecho!

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