Friday Fun Facts-Estonia

Estonia is a country that was never really on my travel radar which is not too surprising since I think it’s not on the radar for a lot of country? Why you ask? Well, for starters I don’t think many people could pinpoint it on a map (I’m excluding the European demographic, obviously). I also don’t think many people (myself included) know a fig about the country’s language, culture, and history. But I recently borrowed a guidebook from my library on the Baltic States (Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia make up them), and honestly, Estonia looks quite beautiful. So if you’re like me and are Estonia ignorant, here are three fun facts to entice you to visit this tiny nation one day!

-The capital of Tallinn is considered to be one of the best medieval cities in Europe. It’s also home to a pretty famous Christmas Market each year. The first Christmas tree at Tallinn’s Town Hall Square was erected in 1441 by the Brotherhood of Blackheads, making it one of the earliest evidence of decorated trees for the Christmas season.

image via http://www.mydestinationunknown.com/2012/10/30/photo-gallery-tallinn/

-Finland is only a short distance away by ferry from Estonia. The Estonian language is also most closely related to Finnish and is different from Latvian and Russian. Estonian belongs to the Finno-Ugric group.

-There are over 1500 islands, 1000 lakes, and 7000 rivers in Estonia.

image via http://www.thebaltictravel.eu/estonia/why_the_estonian_countryside
Is Estonia a country you would like to visit?

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