Friday Fun Facts-Guatemala

Guatemala is a country I would love to visit. It’s relatively close and easy to get to, has a myriad of unique and fascinating places to visit, and is in every sense of the word, a budget friendly destination. Hopefully within the next five years (if not sooner), that dream will happen. For now here are three fun facts about the country whose name in the Mayan language means “land of trees.”

-Two of Guatemala’s UNESCO World Heritage Sights include Tikal National Park and the colonial city of Antigua.

via http://ldfieldjournal.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/belize-day-tours-tikal-national-park/

-Chocolate is said to have originated in Guatemala during the Mayan period.

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-Lake Atitlan is a massive lagoon that is surrounded by three volcanoes. Guatemalan “Atitlan” means “at the water”, and the interesting fact is that, despite being home to the three volcanoes, it is itself a caldera formed by the explosion of a single volcano 80,000 years previous.

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