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Friday Fun Facts-Laos

Many people including myself know very little about Laos. It’s only been from travel blogs that I’ve gotten to learn more about this relatively hidden and undiscovered country and seen what a beautiful place it is. Although my list of countries I want to visit grows exponentially each day, Laos has definitely been added to it.

1.) Laos is a landlocked country. It is bordered by Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, and Thailand.

2.) Plain of Jars is an area where there are 300 giant jars of unknown origin. The jars vary in size and weight and range from 8 to 36 feet in height.

3.) Wat or Vat Phu is a Khmer Hindu temple in south Laos. It is located at the foot of Mount Phu Kao and is one of the country’s UNESCO heritage sites.

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