Fun Facts-Slovenia

I’m sure many of you are like me as in you don’t know too much about Slovenia. Perhaps there are even some of you that confuse it with Slovakia. But there’s no denying the stunning natural beauty of the country especially in an area like Lake Bled.


In case I need to convince you some more on the merits of visiting Slovenia, here are some fun facts about it. 

-Slovenian cuisine is a combination of Central European, Mediterranean, and Balkan influences. One-pot dishes are the norm and include ลฝganci.

-Four major regions meet in Slovenia and include the Alps, the Dinarides, the Pannoian Plain, and the Meditarrnean. It shares borders with Austria, Croatia, Hungary, and Italy. 

-Slovenia became an independent country from Yugoslavia in 1991. Slovenes come from the Slavic peoples from 600 AD and the country is home to countless historical sites including more than 500 castles. 

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