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Gourmade Pittsburgh Review

Gourmade Pittsburgh Review

Gourmade Pittsburgh Review

Packing my lunch is one of the ways I save money during the week. While I will go out for lunch on rare occasions,  for the most part I bring my lunch from home. If it’s a good day, I’ll have some delicious leftovers.  If it had been an average prior week on the dinner front (or rather, dinners were so good there were no leftovers), I’ll have sandwiches, either the lunchmeat or tuna salad variety. But for the most part, my packed lunches are bland and boring and moreover, repetitive.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Gourmade, a food startup recently launched in Pittsburgh. It’s similar to companies like Plated and Blue Apron.   The big difference, though, is that they’re all about the workday meal…lunch. Gourmade is focused on making lunches delicious, convenient, and different, a break from the daily monotony of a ham and cheese sandwich, chips, cookies, and soda.

Gourmade Pittsburgh Review

For $30 a week, you get three restaurant-style meals delivered either to your home or office here in the greater Pittsburgh area. They’re prepared by Gourmade’s Head of Culinary, Chef Alex Blinn, who used to be the executive sous chef at Root 174 here in Pittsburgh. All meal components come in plastic containers that can be microwaved and ultimately recycled (either disposed of or cleaned and reused).

One of the things I liked most about the meals (besides the actual food) is that a clear and simple directions sheet was provided for each meal, with all containers being color coded (i.e. everything with a yellow sticker was for Meal A). Meals are delivered each week either on Sundays or Mondays and come in an insulated package so they won’t spoil if you’re not home to receive it.

Gourmade Pittsburgh Review

Of the three meals I received, one was pork based, another beef based, and a third vegetarian. The first one I had was The Elegant Pittsburgher which consisted of kielbasa and sauerkraut with apple and cauliflower puree. The puree was truly a terrific surprise; I was not expecting it to taste as good as it did. As cauliflower has a very bland taste, the apples complemented it in a very sweet and tasty way.

I also had a Korean beef and broccoli meal and a Pasta Fagiola. Thanks to the puree, the kielbasa might have been my favorite but all three were memorable.

Gourmade Pittsburgh Review

More and more people are eschewing gifting people material items. They want to get friends and relatives things they can use. Well, if you know someone who almost always brings his lunch to work or doesn’t necessarily have the time to go out, this is truly the perfect gift. It will be used and I can promise you, well received.

You can cancel at any time and Gourmade is currently running a deal where the first week is free using the coupon code FIRSTWEEKFREE when checking out, so you can essentially get two boxes for the price of one.

Gourmade Pittsburgh Review

Yes, perhaps subscription boxes are becoming a bit overplayed, but where lunches for the work week are concerned, I think this is a pretty ingenious idea.

Note: At the current time, Gourmade is a “local thing.” Deliveries can be made to addresses within 30 miles of downtown Pittsburgh. However, there are plans to expand regionally and potentially even nationally in the future. 

Disclosure: I received a complimentary week in exchange for a review, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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