Guest Post- Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Italy: Viva Italia!

Seeking a luxury hotel stay in italy and unsure of which one to stay at? Do you have a desire for a little Italian-style pampering? Known as one of the most recognizable countries in the world because of its boot-like shape, Italy is a luxury vacation destination that should definitely be placed on your travel bucket list. The bel paese, (Italian for beautiful country) continues to attract thousands of tourists every year from across the globe and is one of the most unique travel experiences of a lifetime.

When we imagine a visit to Italy, ideas of taste-bud awakening tortellini, Milan fashions, world-famous art galleries, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Tuscany vineyards, the historical Vatican and romantic gondola rides in Venice dance into our thoughts. If you are dreaming of an Italian adventure and want to live it up in one of Italy’s luxurious hotels, look no further. Check out the top five luxury hotels in Italy and get ready to make memories that will remain in your heart forever.

Fall in Love with Tuscany: One Luxury Hotel at a Time
Castiglion del Bosco is one of the most breathtaking and beautiful wine estates in Tuscany and a visit there will leave you speechless. In the past, Castiglion del Bosco was known as a social haven for the community and also as a flourishing agriculture centre. This luxury estate offers exquisite accommodations, glorious lush gardens, mouth-watering cuisine, a regional wine list to die for, rejuvenating spa services, picturesque views of the Val d’Orcia and entertaining outdoor activities to keep you busy.

Borgo Santo Pietro is another top luxury Italian hotel you might want to consider. This 13th century villa is a hidden gem located just outside major cultural centers such as Siena and Florence. Known as one of the best luxury hotels in Italy, it features elegant villas, cozy suites, abundant gardens, a wellness center and spa, Italian-inspired cuisine, fine dining, a pool and many more top-notch amenities to keep you busy (or not so busy) during your stay.

Luxury Hotels in the Stylish City of Milan
If Milan, Italy is on your list of Italian adventures, stay at the Hotel Principe di Savoia which features luxurious Lombard-style furnished suites and rooms, regional cuisine and fine dining, a tranquil spa and health centre,  banquet areas, and business facilities that are above and beyond the norm.

Or book a stay at the Carlton Hotel Bagliono, a five star opulent hotel that is just steps away from every state of the art shopping venue in Milan. (Note: Visit the famous shopping district and stip Via della Spigi.) With personalized suites, its convenient location in the heart of Milan, an English-style club house resaurant, Baretto al Biglioni and the new Spiga 8 Spa, this hotel exceeds its guests’ expectations upon every visit.

Last Stop: Venice!
If you have always wanted to ride a romantic gondola in Venice, explore historic Italian chapels and museums and wine and dine in luxury restaurants in Italy, stay at Ca’Segredo Hotel when you book a vacation escape to Venice, Italy. This national monument, a 14th century palace, still possesses untouched remains of the Renaissance era, and is a highly-desired stay when visiting Venice. Guests can enjoy the luxuries of a world-class Mediterranean restaurant known as the L’Alcova which sits gently upon the Grand Canal water’s edge, a private palazzo and elegant suites that are lined with 17th and 18th century Venetian art masterpieces.

Now that you know of five luxury hotels in Italy, the sooner you can book your escape to Europe. Whether traveling on business or for pleasure, all of these state of the art luxury hotels will satisfy your travel desires. Buon viaggio!

The stunning Castiglion del Bosco

This post was written by Meriel Anderson of Seasons in Style, offering a wide selection of luxury holidays at resorts and hotspots around the world. If you’re interested in luxury travel, check them out online at

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