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Hampton Inn Savannah Historic District Review

Hampton Inn Historic District Savannah Review

For being a smaller city, there is no shortage of lodging options in Savannah between the plethora of hotels and bed and breakfasts that abound. However, what comes with an abundance of options means you also need to discern wisely let’s say between good and moments of regret where you wish you had never stayed there. And so while I was hoping to stay at a Marriott there to accrue points, I wasn’t overly sold from the reviews I read on TripAdvisor and instead focused on those hotels that were in the top five. I ended up reserving at the Hampton Inn which is located in the historic district and it was a wise decision indeed.

Located right on the popular and very busy Bay Street, the Hampton Inn is hardly your standard generic chain establishment. At least from the outside it appeared to be in a historic building as it completely meshed with the surrounding area (nothing about Bay Street screams uber modern, which is nice). Although we weren’t really interested in hanging outside due to our visit there being in the thick of July heat and humidity, the covered entrance did feature a nice sitting area complete with a fountain.

Hampton Inn Historic District Savannah Review

The beautiful Spanish moss that graces the trees of Bay Street

Its location is one of the reasons why I wanted to stay there-it’s only a block from River Street and nothing in the historic district is more than a 20 minute walk, and that’s if you’re going to the far edges of things.

The lobby was quite lovely and also retained a historical feel. As our flight had been delayed by hours from Atlanta, our room was naturally ready by that point. When making the reservation I had requested a room on a top floor, away from the elevators and we were given just that. As I had made the reservation barely a month before our visit, not to mention it being a holiday weekend as well, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my request had been fully honored (often they’re not).

Hampton Inn Savannah Historic District Review

Our room was located on the seventh floor and was as far away from the elevator as possible (you obviously don’t hear elevator noise and people waiting for them but also less people will be traversing by your room to get to the elevators). It had a queen bed and standard fixings (a sitting chair, desk and chair, and flat screen TV). There was also a small dorm size fridge which we used to store cold drinks and a couple of food items that needed refrigeration. The bathroom was quite spacious and although we only had one full day there, housekeeping was timely and efficient (i.e. no returning at 4 PM on a Saturday to find your room had still not been made up). My only very minor quibble was that our window to the outside was quite small (nothing floor length). However, being higher up it did offer a nice view of the Savannah River.

Hampton Inn Historic District Savannah Review

Complimentary breakfast was offered; however, I am more apt to eschew this in lieu of some local fare (we dined at the nearby Coffee Fox instead). Nice touches throughout the day included fruit-infused cold water stands (a must in the hot Savannah weather), whole fresh fruit, cookies, and a coffee/tea station.

Hampton Inn Historic District Savannah Review

Another reason I ended up booking here and not at one of the numerous charming bed and breakfasts is that there was a roof top pool. Due to our short visit, we unfortunately didn’t have too much of a chance to truly partake. One night we went up after 9 PM and by then it was a bit chilly since the pool wasn’t heated and the temperatures had gone down. The other day we went in after a long and hot day of touring only for it to storm violently less than five minutes later which was disappointing. But, on a nice weather day, it’s a wonderful thing indeed.

Hampton Inn Historic District Savannah Review

The view from the rooftop pool

My only two issues with the hotel are more on the minor side-there are only two elevators and the weekend we were there, they were horrendously slow. I heard at one point that the hotel was completely booked but there were periods where you were waiting a while for an elevator and it was much faster to walk down seven flights of stairs. The other is that the towels available at the pool were incredibly small-fine for children but a grown adult would need two to actually wrap it around themselves.

From the research that I did, hotels right in Savannah’s historic district are not at all cheap, but if I’m paying the money, I want a good, all-around experience and the Hampton Inn here did just that. It’s a lodging spot I would definitely recommend to future travelers to this beautiful American city.

Hampton Inn Historic District Savannah

201 E. Bay St.  | Savannah, Georgia  | 31401, USA

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