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Hotel Review-Hotel du Cadran

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For a new feature to the blog’s content, I thought I would begin to offer reviews of hotels (and other types of accomodations) where I’ve stayed in the past during my travels. My first review is of Hotel du Cadran in Paris where I stayed during my honeymoon last September.

Hotel du Cadran-Paris, France
Date of Stay-September 2010

If it weren’t for the bathrooms, specifically the showers, I’d give the Hotel du Cadran a perfect score. I’m fine with “hotel small” especially in a city like Paris, where even small comes with a hefty price tag. I simply can’t stand showers that are poorly designed, as in where it’s not possible to take a shower without literally flooding the bathroom floor. There’s being anal, but then there’s just being sensible. However, with that only negative aside, the Hotel du Cadran was a real gem.

Its location in the Seventh Arrodissement was perfecft. Although there are some who put down the seventh’s location, primarily it’s slight distance from important Paris sights and its lack of a key metro line, it still is home to la Tour Eiffel, Les Invalides (Napoleon’s tomb), and charming Rue Cler, replete with numerous restaurants, frommageries, boulangeries, and patisseries. It’s where tourist Paris meets more local Paris. It was only a block away from La Tour-Maubourg metro stop, which in turn is only a stop or two farther from larger stations where you can transfer.

I had booked the “Discover an Artistic and Cultural Paris” package and it was truly a wonderful deal for your money. Requiring a three night minimum stay, the package for two people included either a standard or superior room (depending on which one you select), free buffet breakfast daily, and Paris’ acclaimed museum pass valid for two days. The package is truly a bang for your buck (or euro) since for two people, a two day museum pass alone will cost you 78 euros and breakfast was 13 euros. If you compare those costs that are already included in your package rate with that of the standard room rate, you’ll be able to see the savings.

Although not an American style buffet breakfast, the spread at the hotel was more than enough to give you the energy you needed when tackling Paris’ immense sights and sprawl. Offering an assortment of breads and pastries, along with multiple cereal offerings, cold cuts, and a contraption for hard boiling eggs, breakfast was quite lovely, especially with its utterly cool dungeon (below ground) location.

The rooms are small but unless you have 1000 euros a night to shell out for a room at the Four Seasons’ Hotel George V, I think anyone can manage. (Just don’t bring as much luggage as the girls did in “Sex and the City Two” when they travel to Abu Dhabi or you will have problems.)

The other item I wanted to tout about the Hotel du Cadran was its staff, of whom I can’t say enough good things about. From the courteous waiters at breakfast to the workers at the front desk, service was always prompt and efficient, and questions were always answered with a smile.

The Hotel du Cadran is the perfect spot if you’re looking for Parisienne chic but without having to hit the bank. Plus, a view of the Eiffel Tower (which some of the rooms have) is never a bad thing either.

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