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Hotel Review-Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport

When faced with the unpleasant prospect of having to spend some nine plus hours in Orlando’s airport due to Disney Cruise Line’s recommendations to not booking any return flights before 12:30 PM and the lack of multiple direct flight options to Pittsburgh, I immediately started to investigate anything that would keep D and me out of a waiting area of an airport for that long. I contemplated taking a taxi to the Downtown Disney area, thinking shopping and a nice lunch would be cool but when I saw how expensive a cab ride it would be, I quickly nixed that idea. Thankfully someone on a travel board recommended reserving a “day room” at the airport’s Hyatt Regency Hotel. I wasn’t familiar with the concept but found out one could stay in a room, availing themselves of all the comforts and conveniences a hotel offers for a set period of time, and obviously at a lower rate too. Although the rate is not advertised on the Hyatt’s website, nor can you make a reservation online (you must call the hotel directly), I found out that it would only cost $89 to have use of a room between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM.

The hotel is gorgeous and as some reviewers of the hotel said, it’s one of the fanciest airport hotels ever. It even was acclaimed as one of the top 10 airport hotels by NBC’s Today Show travel editor Peter Greenburg. Located within terminal A of the airport, the lobby for checking in is on the fourth floor (elevators are located right by security). The hotel seemed pretty deserted when we were there, although it was a Sunday which is typically not a very busy travel day. When the staff member who checked us in saw that we had a day room, she even asked us if we wanted a wake up call.

Our room was located on the sixth floor and was quite spacious and roomy. I said to D upon entering it that it was almost a pity that we weren’t staying for more than the eight hours given how nice it was. The room featured all of your standard amenities including one that is becoming more common, an ipod docking station. On the TV, one of the channels was a live feed of departing flights. Not that people aren’t wired enough to the world as it is, but it was nice being able to flip in the channels back to the status of your departing flight.

We didn’t make use, but the hotel featured a 24-hour gym and an outdoor pool that overlooked the runway. After being constantly active on our cruise vacation, we much preferred resting on the massive and very comfortable “grand bed,” as its called by Hyatt.

My favorite part of the room was the bathroom, which was larger than many of my dorm rooms in college. You could tell it had been renovated recently, as no wear and tear showed at all, especially on the marble bath.

Whether you’re two adults who simply want a place to relax in an area other than a public waiting room or a family looking to keep small children entertained and comfortable while still contained, I highly recommend booking a a day use room. In my opinion, it is money well spent.

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