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Hotel Review-Springhill Suites Asheville, North Carolina

Marriott Springhill Suites
Asheville, North Carolina
Date of stay: May 2011

When you’re a hotel rewards member, and two of your three nights accommodations are free, I really didn’t  mind not staying in the downtown. Besides the obvious cost savings, it was only a five minute drive to the downtown and convenient to Biltmore, most people’s primary reasons for visiting Asheville.

Located on Buckstone Place along with two other hotels, the Springhill Suites offers greater degrees of privacy and quiet due to its slight removal from the development and congestion found along Interstate 70. Although there are few places in the Asheville environs where you wouldn’t be able to spot its famed Blue Ridge Mountains, the fact that the hotel enjoys a slightly elevated position due to its being situated on a hill only makes you feel that much closer to nature.

I’ve only stayed at one Springhill Suites before this trip, but I’ve always thought in comparison with Marriott’s other brands, the Springhill Suites has an almost futuristic look to it. Featuring contemporary chic furniture, its lobby resembles an Apple retail store. Also present were two computers and a printer, along with a pantry selling a variety of cold beverages and snacks.

Our room was located on the third floor (the top) and offered an uninspiring view of the parking lot. The room was spacious and even featured a kitchenette complete with a small refrigerator, microwave, and sink. The room also offered free Internet, either through the hotel’s wireless network or an ethernet cable that they provide. I had brought my laptop with me so it was convenient being able to upload photos I had taken while still on vacation (one less thing to do after returning home).

My only negative critique of the room was the layout of the bathroom. Although it was extremely large, for some reason the toilet was literally right next to the shower,  offering very little room when either stepping in or out of the shower.

Two nice hotel perks that I took advantage of were the indoor pool which was open nightly until 10 PM and the free breakfast that was offered each morning. It’s always an added bonus when you can eat breakfast at your hotel in your slippers if you so desire.

All in all an enjoyable stay in a visual masterpiece of an area.

2 Buckstone Place
Asheville, North Carolina 28805 

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