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The Hunger Games and North Carolina

There’s no need for a fancy introduction since I’m sure most of you are aware that this weekend, the screen adaption of The Hunger Games opened. Within the past month, I’ve read two of the three books in the series and am currently working on the final one. While I would have loved to have seen the movie this weekend, I promised D he could pick one so I have to wait until next week to catch the movie.

Onto how The Hunger Games relates to travel. If you’ve ever gone onto to the website IMDB you know that for each movie listing, there is a section you can click on to find out the filming locations. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the entire film of The Hunger Games was shot in North Carolina, and with Asheville being the location for the arena scenes. Having just visited there last year, I found this tidbit incredibly cool. In looking back on the first book, I figured that the mountains and forested area surrounding the city of Asheville would serve as the perfect backdrop for the “arena.”

If you’d like to read more travel related information on The Hunger Games here’s a link to a great article from MSNBC.

Have you read the books and/or seen the movie?

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