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Inn at Honey Run Ohio Review

The end of the overnight getaway

Inn at Honey Run Ohio Review

I first learned of the Inn at Honey Run in Ohio’s Amish country a couple of years ago thanks to a Living Social deal I saw advertised. I didn’t book it at the time;  however, the beautiful images of the inn stayed with me.

When looking for a mid-summer getaway, I finally decided now was the time and made a reservation to stay there at the end of July.  There are a variety of room options,  everything from traditional rooms to cottages to club-level honeycombs which is where we stayed.  The Inn is about a 2.5 hour drive from the Pittsburgh area. The bad thing is that since it’s located in the middle of nowhere, there’s really no direct, quick way to get there (i.e. highway, high speed driving). You will be on county roads for a good deal of the way, many without proper signage in which you have to rely solely on the God that is your GPS to lead you there safely AND correctly. And of course, once you’re in the heart of Amish country, you also have to contend with the ubiquitous horse and buggy on the roads too (and bicycle riding Amish,  which was a new sight for me). It very much made me want to watch the Harrison Ford film Witness.

Inn at Honey Run Ohio Review

The Inn is located off a country road at the top of the hill,  lending it a secluded and intimate ambiance. The traditional guest rooms are located in the main building which also houses the restaurant, Tarragon. The club-level honeycombs are less than a five minute walk away at the top of a hill. They’re in their own building (you have a key card for this) and honestly resemble a “garden bunker” due to the unique design of the structure. One of the main reasons for choosing to stay here even though it cost considerably more is that each of the “honeycombs” has its own private patio. Naturally, on the day we arrived the weather was absolutely abysmal, complete with heavy rain,  so we couldn’t really enjoy it in the way I had envisioned.

Inn at Honey Run Ohio Review

The room, however, was gorgeous and extremely spacious complete with special touches like free bottled water, homemade biscotti, a Keurig-maker with both tea and coffee offerings. There is a DVD player in the room and the front desk actually has a pretty expansive selection of offerings grouped by genre. We didn’t partake since we were only there one night and we watch enough TV and movies while at home, but a nice touch all the same.

Inn at Honey Run Ohio Review

Even in the rain the patio was still beautiful and attracted droves of birds (each patio area seemed to have its own birdhouse). I particularly loved seeing all of the goldfinches which I don’t remember ever really seeing before until this year. The view before you is stunning and just a reaffirmation that nature untouched is really the best thing.

Inn at Honey Run Ohio Review

Each afternoon from 4-6PM, those who stay in the cottage or club-level rooms can partake in a happy hour of sorts in Tarragon. Two types of wine are offered and while I was expecting light hors d’oeuvres, each person is  given a delicious flatbread.

While I debated about dining off-site since there were some interesting sounding options, I ended up sticking with the reservation I  made for Tarragon due to the long drive we had had and the fact that unmarked country roads later at night are intimidating.

Our meal was delicious and I ended up doing my new preferred norm, ordering a couple of appetizers to serve as my main course. The highlight of the meal for me was the exquisite miso mushroom soup which is topped with aged balsamic vinegar and white truffle oil. I was thinking it would be whole or halved mushrooms but they had been pureed, which I much preferred. D went big with the 18oz bone- in ribeye. And I couldn’t go home without sampling the cannoli for dessert.

Inn at Honey Run Ohio Review Inn at Honey Run Ohio Review

Another nice feature of staying here is that all rooms include a complimentary continental breakfast  consisting of your choice of granola or oatmeal, a pastry, and fresh fruit along with coffee or juice. This is also served in Tarragon so you can order from a la carte menu if you’re a bit hungrier.

My only regret is that we didn’t have more time to spend at the Inn since there are numerous walking trails in addition to many things in Amish country to explore in the way of shopping. But with having work the next day and the drive to contend with, we basically got up and hit the road.

Inn at Honey Run Ohio Review

I didn’t necessarily like the “getting there” part, but once at the Inn I loved everything about it,  including the adorable resident cat who was extremely friendly and did not shy away from attention of belly rubs. The Inn at Honey Run is definitely one of those special places to treat yourself to.

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Inn at Honey Run Ohio Review

The Inn at Honey Run

Millersburg, Ohio

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