Lambert’s Winery-Weston, West Virginia

I know what you’re thinking. West Virginia makes…wine? While its state slogan is “Wild and Wonderful,” this of course being representative of the many outdoor adventures that are available in the panhandle state, there’s some vino adventures to be had too, specifically at Lambert’s Winery which is located in the small town of Weston.

Lambert's Vintage Wines

When I saw that there was a local winery not too far from the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum which I definitely planned on visiting, it seemed like a good idea to add on a stop at Lambert’s Winery as well. It was only about a 10 minute drive from the asylum which is right in Weston’s downtown. Thank goodness there were numerous signs letting you know where to turn, otherwise on some of the country back roads, it would have been easy to drive right by and miss them.

The winery itself while small (obviously it has nothing on Napa), was absolutely lovely, both inside and out. It wasn’t a “look” one would normally expect to see in a state like West Virginia which made it all the more charming. According to its promotional brochure, the winery was constructed from hand-cut stones that were gathered from various areas of the state, with some weighing as much as 3,000 pounds. Walking into the tasting room, we were immediately greeted by who appeared to be one of the owners, Jim Lambert. He explained that tastings were free and that we could try as many as we wanted (to an extent he joked).

Lambert's Vintage Wine

I sampled an ice wine, one that was named Chocolate Kiss (the owner described it being like a chocolate covered cherry or tootsie roll, the latter which I definitely agreed with), and one that was called Ice Breaker (I really liked this one as well). D also tried a Riesling. The Chocolate Kiss and Ice Breaker were my favorites and we got bottles of both of those as well as a Pinot Grigio for D’s parents. Standard size bottles were $10. All around, there was a nice selection of red, white, blush, and dessert wines to choose from. The wines themselves are from French hybrid and American Varietal grapes.

Lambert's Vintage Wine

What was the really amazing thing was learning that the owner had designed and built the entire property himself. I don’t think there are many winery owners out in California that can say they’ve done that.

The tasting room was also furnished with a vast array of West Virginia handmade pottery for sale. I love these types of articles and did get myself a beautiful mug that I now have on display with a locally made pottery piece I got at Fallingwater some years ago.

Lambert's Vintage Wine

Tours of the winery are offered but we were content to just do a tasting since we had already had a pretty busy day.

Lambert's Vintage Wine

All in all, it was a great place to stop and to support a local family business.

Lambert's Vintage Wine

Tips for visiting:

The winery is located six miles from I-79 in Weston and is open Monday-Saturday and on Sundays during the months of April-December

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