Mexico, A Love Affair

I fell in love with Mexico at the age of 16 when I spent the summer there as an exchange student in the colonial city of Querétaro. Who wouldn’t fall in love with it with sights such as these?

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And foods such as these:
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Although I’ve been to the beaches of Cancún twice (and loved every minute of it, don’t get me wrong), I’m always proud when I tell people that I’ve been to the “real” Mexico. As in not resort areas that are heavily visited by American tourists, where you don’t hear an ounce of inglés being spoken. Where the cuisine resembles (and tastes) nothing like the food you get at the more Tex-Mex style restaurants in the United States. 
It’s not just the sights and food that I have fallen in love with but also the Mexican people. I’ll never forget the love and kindness my host family in Querétaro showed me every day I was with them. Or the always pleasant nature of my co-workers at the orphanage where I volunteered at in Cuernavaca. Or the sweet grocer who always chatted with me as I purchased my weekly produce and gave me waves when I passed by his shop after getting off of the bus. 

Sadly, I haven’t been back to Mexico since 2008 but hopefully I will soon for there are that many more cities and areas I’ve yet to explore. 

But for now my love affair with Mexico continues on through la comida:

camarones a la pipiana (shrimp in green mole) con plátanos fritos 
Be sure to check out my first blog story about my experiences in Querétaro in “Discovering the world of la comida mexicana.”

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