Molletes recipe

There is so much I love about Mexico-its kind people, its incredible history, its beautiful architecture. But the one thing that tops everything else is its food. While I’ve grown to love many different global cuisines (Cuban, Vietnamese, Moroccan, French), Mexican might just be my favorite. I absolutely adore the smell and taste of still warm corn tortillas and fresh cilantro-when I smell these two things they automatically bring to life the Mexico I know and hold dear.

Although I love Mexican food staples like enchiladas and tacos just as much as the next person, I always love discovering new Mexican foods since there is so much to this varied and exotic cuisine. The food magazine Saveur has a beacon of online recipes to peruse including a section on Mexican ones and this is how I stumbled across a recipe for molletes, Mexican bean and cheese sandwiches. While there were no tortillas sacrificed for this recipe (sacrificed as in consuming them), it has my other love in life-bread (yes, I’m a simple kind of girl).

Molletes recipe

The article writes that “the bolillo, a French-style crusty white bread roll from Mexico, is the traditional foundation of this comforting dish, but a kaiser or most any other sandwich roll will work well.” Well, if you’re like me and have limited Latin food options, one must make lemonade out of lemons, so I went the substituting route and I think it turned out fine. And yes, they were right when they described molletes as a “comforting dish.” Homemade refried beans (I never want to buy them from the can again), melted cheese, and bread-Β‘que rico!

Molletes recipe

Homemade salsa

While I am definitely a citizen of the world in terms of my likes and interests (this especially includes food), I’m still an American at heart in regards to “breakfast.” Cereal, eggs, toast, waffles, etc-these are breakfast foods (don’t worry, I generally just do a bowl of cereal each day for breakfast, I don’t expect eggs, sausage, toast, and pancakes). Fish, kimchi, bean and cheese sandwiches-well, to me, these are anything but. Apparently though, molletes are a popular breakfast item in Mexico. I however, made them for dinner πŸ™‚

Molletes recipe


To access Saveur’s recipe for molletes click here. I served them with coconut horchata which is a sweetened rice drink that is quite popular in Mexico (I order this any time I’m at a Mexican restaurant). Saveur’s recipe for that was also quite easy-click here for that culinary gem.

Horchata recipe

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