National Geographic Secret Journeys of a Lifetime

Let me just preface this by saying I’m slightly addicted to Groupon (Living Social to a lesser degree). Although I’ve yet to purchase one of its Getaways (as someone who likes to plan trips in advance, last minute travel doesn’t always mesh with my planning psyche), I often purchase its Pittsburgh deals because anything half off in my city is fabulous. However, for the first time last month I bought one of its “goods” which are deals on various products ranging from MLB team door mats to makeup to electronics. When I saw that they were offering one of National Geographic’s gorgeous coffee table books (I received the  Food Journeys of a Lifetime book for Christmas) for half off I immediately placed an order for its Secret Journeys of a Lifetime. While it took a while for it to ship thus resulting in me becoming worried it was a sham since there was no way to check on its status, it did indeed safely arrive and is a stunning book.  It’s things like these that make my travel list grow exponentially an. Chapters include “The World at Your Feet” (stunning views from the world’s high points) to “The Road Less Traveled” (classic road trips, quiet walks, and rugged overland expeditions) to “Undiscovered Villages” (rural life, from the Indonesian jungle to the English countryside).

Our travel plans are pretty set for the remainder of the year (California, Portugal, New York City), the book did have one journey that hopefully we’ll be able to do in the fall since it’s relatively close to Pittsburgh-the Cass Scenic Railroad in West Virginia.

The steam trains climb the 11 miles from Cass to the 4,842-ft-high summit of Bald Knob, which has spectacular views and bracing mountain air. The line, built in 1901 to haul lumber, uses geared locomotives to overcome its ferocious gradients, which include switchbacks.”

The 17th-century Palace of the Governors in the Brazilian city of Olinda

India’s Udaipur Shiv Nivas Palace, feautred in the Top Ten Castles with Accommodations 

Granada, Nicaragua-a colonial gem worth discovering 
(it’s a great place just be prepared for ferocious temperatures!)

Snow monkeys at Japan’s Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park

If you’re a lover of travel like I am, these books are a must!

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