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What’s The Red Headed Traveler?

The Red Headed Traveler is a blog devoted to the topics of travel and food. I share everything from reviews (attractions, hotels, and restaurants) to travel photography to my thoughts on controversial topics in the travel world as well as things I craft in the kitchen. All this while working a full-time job.

I’m here to show you through my blog that it IS possible to have epic travel adventures on a fixed number of vacation days. And by adventures I mean plural since long weekend trips will become your new best friend. While some people scoff at the whole limited vacation time, if you’re dedicated enough you make it work and in the meantime also have some pretty epic travel adventures each year like I do (not that I wouldn’t mind having unlimited vacation time either…).

The Red Headed Traveler is neither a luxury nor a budget travel blog; rather, it focuses on enjoying yourselfΒ while traveling. This can be translated to, I don’t scrimp or adhere to an extremely stringent budget. While flying first class on Emirates Air is still a tiny bit (okay, a lot) out of my reach, if there’s a particular hotel I want to stay at, I do. If there’s a restaurant I’m dying to eat at, I will.

As for food, well, if you’re like me and are an amateur foodie, then you’ll feel right at home here. Food plays a major role in my travels as I spend just as much time researching places to eat as attractions to check out (I know I’m not alone in this). I also love to cook and share recipes I’ve tried. As I’m not a full-time food blogger, I don’t have a “test kitchen,” and have neither the time nor the desire to create and test out recipes (remember, I already have a full-time job). I love ethnic cooking so no, you’ll never find me (ever) writing about Paula Deene or The Pioneer Woman. I hope that some of the recipes I write about on The Red Headed Traveler will inspire you to visit the countries where they originated.

I also write about the city of Pittsburgh in some capacity because for one, I strongly subscribe to the concept of being a tourist in one’s backyard and two, I like to think that my posts motivate locals to try out a new restaurant they’ve never been to or go on a tour they’ve never heard of. And of course, if my Pittsburgh posts inspire visitors to make a trip to Pittsburgh, all the better.

I’ve always considered myself to be a person of eclectic tastesΒ and I think The Red Headed Traveler is just that.

New to the blog? Start here!

Note: I migrated from Blogger to WordPress in 2014 and unfortunately the formatting for some posts got messed up. So if you come across any that don’t look “aesthetically pleasing,” that’s why. While I could spend the next five years working to reformat all of them, I’d rather write new content.

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