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Nola Pittsburgh Brunch Review

Nola is a restaurant where I’ve eaten numerous times for dinner, but when a free Sunday materialized back in the late fall to hit up a new brunch spot, Nola it was.

Nola is the closest thing Pittsburgh has to the Big Easy between the Cajun cuisine it serves and the live jazz and blues it offers a few nights a week. Brunch was somewhat on the dead side at 11 AM on a Sunday morning, but I guess there had been too much “laissez les bon temps rouler” the night before.

I’m not the biggest fan of morning cocktails but D decided to go for the Bourbon Street Mimosa ($7) which featured champagne and Grand Marnier blueberry. Mimosas are a personal favorite of his and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nola Pittsburgh Brunch Review

While the Cajun Chowder ($6) sounded delicious (I’ve really grown to enjoy chowder more ever since my food tour in the Bahamas when I tried Conch Chowder), I couldn’t go to Nola and not get their sinfully amazing Beignets and Coffee (all starters are $6). Although at dinner they’re a dessert item (and you get more of them too), at brunch they’re a starter. As for the coffee, it’s a chicory dipping sauce. And yes, there are actual beignets underneath all of that powdered sugar.

Nola Pittsburgh Brunch Review

My entree selection was the only thing I didn’t overly care for about the meal. I went with the Big Easy Eggs Benedict which came with two poached eggs, Tasso (a type of ham common in south Louisiana cuisine), toasted brioche, and Mornay sauce. I guess call me a traditionalist but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Tasso ham (I’ll stick with my Canadian bacon). It also was topped with some type of spicy seasoning that I feel also detracted from the taste.

Nola Pittsburgh Brunch Review

For his main course, D ordered the Cajun Steak and Eggs. This consisted of a Blackened Flat Iron, smothered potatoes, two farm-fresh eggs, and an ancho demi-glace.

Nola Pittsburgh Brunch Review

All entrees are $14 a la carte and come with a side of fresh fruit, although the $23 pre-fixe gets you one cocktail, one starter, and one entree.

I think one of my biggest disappointments with the brunch at Nola was that the menu is definitely on the smaller side with limited options to choose from. I do enjoy Nola but think I’ll stick with dinner.

Nola on the Squareย 

24 Market Square| Pittsburgh, PA| 15222

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