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Osteria 2350 Pittsburgh: Restaurant Review

Osteria 2350 Pittsburgh: Restaurant Review

I didn’t do too great with this summer’s Restaurant Week here in Pittsburgh as I only made it to one place. But on the plus side, I did finally get to Osteria 2350, a place I’ve wanted to try for years since I’ve walked by it countless times. It was just a little different from what I had expected.

From the outside, Osteria looks like its next door restaurant neighbor Cioppino, as in a business casual style place. And I actually discovered that they’re owned by the same group so their location does indeed make sense. However, upon entering it is completely different. It’s a casual spot through and through which is totally fine, just not what I thought it would be (it resembles more of a lunch cafe spot than a restaurant although obviously it is the latter). They do take reservations so I highly recommend making one since while it’s somewhat of a large interior space, there aren’t as many tables to fill the room.

To drink, we both ended up ordering a Moscow Mule although each opting for different types. I went for the Garden Mule ($7) which consisted of cucumber and basil house-infused vodka, house-made basil syrup, and Royal Jamaican Hard Ginger Beer, while D selected the Kentucky Mule ($8) that featured Knob Creek bourbon and the same ginger beer. I’ve only had a few Mules so far but I’m really enjoying their taste, especially the garden variety (you could really taste the cucumber).

Osteria 2350 Pittsburgh: Restaurant Review

I opted for the Restaurant Week pre-fix menu for my meal. At $20.15 it really is a bargain as you get three courses (starter, main course, and dessert).

The first course was the Smoked Tomato and Mozzarella Salad featuring local heirloom tomatoes, house-made mozzarella, wild arugula, micro basic, and balsamic reduction. While quite tasty I just wish there had been more tomatoes.

Osteria 2350 Pittsburgh: Restaurant Review

The second course was Tomato and Shrimp Farfalle. This consisted of lemon-infused house-made pasta, shrimp, local tomato, tomato water, and local corn. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the pasta-it was a bit on the harder side and I didn’t really taste too much of the lemon (side note-microwaving my leftovers the next day did bring out the lemon taste a bit more). It wasn’t bad, I’ve just had better.

Osteria 2350 Pittsburgh: Restaurant Review

Dessert was probably my favorite course which was Key Lime three ways-graham cracker crust, strawberries and hazelnut cookie, and macerated blackberries. It was a wonderful dessert sampling.

Osteria 2350 Pittsburgh: Restaurant Review

D ordered the Caesar Salad ($3) for his appetizer which was your standard Caesar (i.e. no special extras) but it’s a favorite of his and he enjoyed it.

Osteria 2350 Pittsburgh: Restaurant Review

For his entree, he also selected a Farfalle dish-Lemon Farfalle ($16). It was the same pasta as in my entree and came with lobster, crab, and asparagus. He agreed with me about the pasta noodles lacking a bit.

Osteria 2350 Pittsburgh: Restaurant Review

I think if you don’t go in with the wrong expectations (i.e. it’s a fine dining establishment serving the most exquisite and authentic fare outside of Italy), you’ll enjoy your meal. For a casual spot, Osteria is perfectly fine and one I would be game to try again in the future.

Osteria 2350

2350 Railroad St | Pittsburgh, PA  | 15222


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