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Over a period of just three days this past weekend, I spent a total of nearly 20 hours in the car driving. I’m not normally a fan of long car trips, but when there’s a destination you want to visit and the nearest airport is still a two hour drive from it, I figure driving all the way is easier than the alternative of flying, then still having to get in the car and drive.

I like plane travel for the simple reason that you can go places that automobiles and trains cannot take you. But plane travel is wearing on me. It’s not getting on my nerves enough to say “to hell with it, I’m never stepping foot in a plane again, it’s too much of a hassle.” No, I will never say that because the only person I’m hurting in the end is myself. The airlines will keep flying, the TSA (in the United States) will keep making sure that people’s lipgloss and watches are not a threat to other travelers. If I gave up on air travel than that would mean I’d never get to go on a safari in Africa or cruise in a junk on Halong Bay in Vietnam. I’m proud but I’m not dumb. 
Traveling by car definitely has its advantages. For the last quarter of our journey from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, driving through the Cherokee National Forest was incredible and a visual masterpiece, comparable to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Living in an area that is just around sea level, the towering mountains were majestic, and were a sight I had truly never seen before. The great thing about traveling by car is that you get to see and experience sights you wouldn’t necessarily from 30,000 feet in the air. You’re rewarded with the joys of traveling simply by journeying to your destination. 
Traveling by any mode of transportation is not what it used to be (unless you’re going on the Orient Express luxury train). One needs only to watch an episode of Sex and the City when the characters of Carrie and Samantha in season five find out just how outdated their views on train travel are when they step inside their cubicle size sleeping compartment and discover anything but fine dining in the train’s restaurant. But I’ll never forget the time when traveling to South Korea, images of nothing but floating glaciers when flying over Alaska, or my most recent memory of the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. Traveling isn’t glamorous, but it is what you make it. However, as I’ve found, there almost always exists a reward in store too, regardless of your mode of getting there. 

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