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Restaurant Review: Curry on Murray (Pittsburgh)

Curry on Murray

Here in Pittsburgh Thai restaurants seem to be popping up all the time and are fast becoming as ubiquitous as Chinese or Japanese eateries. While Red Orchid in Pittsburgh’s suburbs is probably my favorite, I have to say that my dinner at Curry on Murray (Murray is the name of the street it’s on), greatly impressed me all the same.

Many of the ethnic eateries found in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood (a very ethnically diverse locale) are cute but extremely small, nothing fancy to them. I assumed the same about Curry on Murray, but upon stepping inside I was pleasantly surprised by its interior; it was definitely posher and sleeker than any little ethnic restaurant I’ve ever been to.

Our waitress (a blond, non-Thai), was incredibly sweet and attentive although we did dine at an off-peak time on a Saturday so the place was pretty deserted our entire meal. After having loved the drink at the Thai restaurant we dined at out in Utah, we both opted for glasses of Thai ice tea ($2.50). It was good, I just was at a loss as to how it was SO orange.

Curry on Murray

We decided to split the Curry Away Trio ($6.95) which was really inexpensive considering all the food you got. It consisted of two chicken egg rolls, two crab rangoons, and two shrimp spring rolls. I really enjoyed being able to have the variety as opposed to, well here’s my spring roll starter.

Curry on Murray

While I would have liked to try a curry, all of them had the spicy asterisk next to them so I chickened out…again. But thankfully what I did order, Pad See Ew ($9.99) was delicious and left me with no regrets. It’s quite a popular dish in both Thailand and Thai restaurants around the world. It’s basically brown rice noodles sauteed in a brown sauce along with meat and and Chinese broccoli. The portion was extremely generous and I had more than enough for leftovers. (I ordered chicken although you also had the choice of pork, tofu, beef, shrimp, duck, or seafood-the last four had an extra surcharge.)

Curry on Murray

D did go the curry route and ordered the Massaman Curry ($10.99) which featured sweet potatoes and peanuts in the sauce. He chose chicken for his meat although he did find it slightly odd how large the pieces of chicken were (i.e. not really cut up already); I concurred with this.

Curry on Murray

Thai food is always delicious and unlike Chinese food, it does not leave you feeling bloated as little grease is used in its preparation. Dining at Curry on Murray was extremely pleasant, the food delectable and I would definitely return again.

Curry on Murray

 2121 Murray Ave | Pittsburgh, PA | 15217

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