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Off the Hook (Pittsburgh): Restaurant Review

Off The Hook Warrendale

What does a coupleΒ do on the night a concert they were looking forward to attending (Linkin Park by the way) is canceled on short notice? Why, dine out at an upscale venue of course. That is exactly what happened to us one Tuesday in JanuaryΒ and how we ended up dining at Off the Hook, a relatively new establishment (it’s been around for a couple of years) which is located just north of the city

As its name suggests, Off the Hook is primarily a seafood restaurant. I’ve talked about this before, how in the suburbs, non-chain, non-bar food dining options are rather limited, but thankfully new ventures keep cropping up, even if it is at a slower pace than some of us hardcore, mild chain-hating foodies would like. Sometimes it is extremely nice to be able to drive 10 minutes from your house and have dinner at a classy venue. One always hopes that more upscale, pricier dining spots will be successful in the suburbs when first starting out, and thankfully, Off the Hook seems to be. For a Tuesday night in January of all times, the place was crowded.

To start we both went with soups. I selected the Clam Chowder ($5), while D went with the French Onion Soup which came baked and topped with three cheeses ($6). The French onion soup definitely was a larger size than the clam chowder, but as chowder of any kind is extremely rich I didn’t mind. It was the perfect course to whet my appetite.

Off the Hook (Pittsburgh): Restaurant Review

Our waitress explained to us that being the type of establishment that it was, all the fish is fresh daily, flown in from a variety of locations on the East and West Coasts as well as the Hawaiian islands. The number of options total more than 20, so the menu really is your oyster.

Off the Hook (Pittsburgh): Restaurant Review

While I contemplated branching and trying a new type of fish, I decided to go with a tried and true favorite, Crab Cakes ($32) which were from Maryland. They consisted of fresh jumbo lump crab meat that was then broiled and served with the house remoulade sauce. I could eat crab cakes once a day in some variety; these were impeccable.

Off the Hook (Pittsburgh): Restaurant Review

D opted for his new seafood love, scallops. While the menu does feature a sea scallop selection ($34) from New England in your choice of two finishes (either filled with a crab stuffing and topped off with a lemon infused aioli or pistachio crusted with apricot reduction), there was a scallop special that night which is what he chose. He enjoyed his dish immensely.

Off the Hook (Pittsburgh): Restaurant Review

As is the norm at seafood and steakhouses, sides were extra but also large enough to share. Wanting to go the slightly more healthy route, I ordered a plate of the Steamed Asparagus ($10) as I don’t often get to eat it. Being plain, it was light and just what I needed to accompany my decadent tasting crab cakes.

Off the Hook (Pittsburgh): Restaurant Review

We were too stuffed for dessert but I have no doubt that they too would have been delicious. While it was an extremely expensive random Tuesday night out, it was definitely worth it. As much as I enjoy frequenting the city for more unique and classy dining options, it’s also nice to know that a spot like Off the Hook is so near by. When a trip to the Keys or the Hawaiian islands isn’t in your immediate plans, dine at Off the Hook instead to at least come close from a culinary regard.

Off the Hook (Pittsburgh): Restaurant Review

908 Warrendale Village Dr. | Warrendale, PA | 15086

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