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Stonewall’s Tavern Clark: Restaurant Review

Stonewall's Tavern Tara

As I discussed in my review of Tara where we recently stayed on our local getaway, I wanted to be a bit more casual on the dining front, and so the seven-course, suit and tie place (Ashley’s) was definitely out. But thankfully Stonewall’s Tavern did not disappoint from either a food, ambiance, or service perspective.

Ashley’s is located on the main floor of Tara, while Stonewall’s is situated in the basement and yet it works. The interior reminded me of the Jean Bonnet tavern in Bedford, Pennsylvania where we dined at a couple of years ago. Between its walls and ceiling, you definitely felt as if you were dining in another era, just one that happened to have the modern convenience of electricity.

Stonewall's Tavern Clark: Restaurant Review

The food at Stonewall’s is definitely on the comfort food, simpler side (steaks, chicken, shell fish). All entrees come with a choice of tossed or chopped salad along with the vegetable of the day or creamed spinach, bread, and your choice of either a baked potato, fries, rice or pasta. Knowing this, we opted to forgo an appetizer since we reasoned we would be getting more than enough food. We were right.

Stonewall's Tavern Clark: Restaurant Review

I can’t remember the name but this complimentary cold salad was a nice touch.

As I can’t eat lettuce, I asked if they could just give me a plate of a cut up vegetable (what was already being served in the salad). While the waitress looked a bit confused over I guess my slightly peculiar request, I received a plate of cut up cucumber topped with dressing which was perfect. D went with the tossed salad.

Stonewall's Tavern Tara

For my entree I decided on the Pan Seared Black and Bleu Scallops ($24) which were sauteed Cajun scallops topped with bleu cheese. As I know anything Cajun is typically on the spicier side, I asked our waitress how spicy the scallops were. She responded that they could be as spicy as I wanted them to be, which I appreciated. And so that’s what I ordered and they were superb. Some of the biggest sea scallops you’ve ever seen. I opted for the rice which definitely went perfectly with the scallops. The Brussels sprouts were good but they were completely topped/mixed in with cheese and so it was just a bit much for me. I’m not saying I want them completely green and bland, but also not something that cancels out the nutritional value of what you’re eating.

Stonewall's Tavern Tara

D went with the Baby Back Pork Ribs, Southern Barbecue ($23) for his entree. He debated between that or the Sharp Steak ($28) but as I told him, how many places can you go to that aren’t bbq-themed and are serving ribs? The portion was utterly massive (he had more than enough for another meal, and we’re talking about portions for guys, that is) and really enjoyed them. He selected the baked potato for his side; they brought around a plate with toppings you could add.

Stonewall's Tavern Tara

Unfortunately, we were both much too stuffed to even contemplate dessert although some of the offerings sounded divine (Grand Marnier Coffee a la Mode, Southern Style Bread Pudding).

Stonewall's Tavern Tara

For two entrees and an alcoholic beverage at a nice restaurant, our bill came out to less than $60, which would never happen in a major city, so yes, there are innumerable benefits to venturing to the boonies at times. The food was excellent and service was attentive throughout. We definitely made the right choice in going more casual and dining at Stonewall’s.

Stonewall’s Tavern

2844 Lake Road | Clark, Pennsylvania | 16150

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