Saturdays in Spain

Cordoba as a whole didn’t disappoint me; it’s just that it didn’t compare to Seville, the city where I was living in during my semester in Spain. And yet Cordoba had something that Seville did not. Cordoba had La Mezquita (the mosque), a once gloried gem of the Moorish Empire but claimed by the Catholics and converted into a church during the historic reconquista (reconquest). Classmates of mine had traveled to Cordoba early on in the semester as it was extremely easy and convenient to get to but I had saved visiting the city for my dad’s visit. While we had somewhat of a difficult time finding our way into the city’s old town from the train station which was located in the new town, I finally asked an elderly gentleman with an extremely thick Andalusian accent for directions. He not only told me, but he took my arm to walk with him the few steps so that he could literally point out the opening to the juderia (Jewish Quarter) which was essentially where the old town began. La Mezquita was a lot of things-awe inspiring, striking, massive, mind boggling-no amount of adjectives could ever fully sum up its look, feel, and most importantly, its incredible history. Spain has no shortage of majestic edifices and yet to this day La Mezquita remains my favorite of them all.

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