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Saturdays in Spain

When I studied in Spain I went to the movies somewhat regularly. My going was usually the combination of a couple of things-it was great language practice (they were all dubbed in Spanish), it was a relatively cheap form of entertainment, and lastly, I lived within walking distance of two theaters. Not to mention during the month of May, when temperatures became unbearably hot (100 degree weather at 8 in the morning is never a good thing), it was one of the few places that had air conditioning and so it became a cooling refuge of sorts. While many people wouldn’t equate seeing a Hollywood movie as being something culturally unique, in some ways it was. In Spain movie theaters have assigned seating not to mention movie theaters raise ticket prices for holidays (well, this was just uncool).

I feel if you’re a language speaker or even just a learner, it’s always a fun time hearing (or seeing in the case of movies with subtitles) the often abysmal job of translators. And lest anyone think this was just a Spain kind of thing, I have seen numerous movies in Mexico, Costa Rica, and even one in Argentina.

And because I keep track of everything, here’s a list of the movies I saw when in Spain:

-Derailed (Sin Control)
Feast of the Ghost (La Fiesta de Chiva)
-Tristan and Isolde (Tristan y Isolda)
-Syriana (Siriana)
-Memoirs of a Geisha (Memorias de una Geisha)
-Ice Age 2 (Ice Age 2)
-The Producers (Los Productores)
-Down the Rabbit Hole (Y Tu Que Sabes)
-Ask the Dust (Preguntandole al Viento)

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