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Saturdays (Sunday) in Spain

When living in Spain I was introduced to the best chocolate drink ever, Cola Cao. Although many people equate hot chocolate (chocolate caliente) with Spain, I found Spanish hot chocolate to be too much everything (too rich, too thick, too sugar inducing coma). Cola Cao on the other hand was just about perfect. To sum it up to anyone who has never had it, Cola Cao is basically the Spanish version of Yoo-Hoo or Nesquik. There’s nothing special about it taste wise and yet I was addicted to the stuff when living in Spain. It’s a high energy chocolate drink with vitamins and minerals that Spanish people drink at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I don’t believe any of my host family drank Cola Cao but there was always a full canister of the stuff available for my roommate and I to partake from. Towards the end of my semester in Spain, I seriously thought about buying some to take home with me since I vowed never to drink Yoo-Hoo again (not that I ever really had to begin with). But when you’re needing to take home with you two suitcases packed full of all those bare necessities, I couldn’t justify the addition of a chocolate powder drink. However, should I return to Spain, you can bet what I’m bringing back with me.

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