Seattle’s Safeco Field

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not really a sports fan, but when visiting new cities I don’t mind attending a baseball game since by all accounts it really is a new experience. I’ve now gone to Major League games in Atlanta and Boston as an adult and it’s a tradition I continued last month when I attended a Seattle Mariners game at Safeco Field.


I ended up getting us tickets for the Sunday afternoon game (the Mariners were playing the Twins). Safeco Field is not in the downtown area but it’s not too difficult to get to if you are staying downtown. We started our day earlier before the game to check out the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park which is located in the city’s Pioneer Square neighborhood,  so it was an easy walk to Safeco Field once finished.


Safeco is one of only of six (out of 30) baseball stadiums that have retractable roofs, but in a city like Seattle where it rains more than it’s sunny, this is a must. I will admit that since the roof was closed on the day of our  game, it lent to a more unique and darkened experience (how often have you gone to a baseball game and  sweltered under the bright sun?).

Seattle's Safeco Field

Perhaps it’s because I’m from the East Coast where sports fans (especially in my hometown of Philadelphia) have a very “unsavory” reputation of occasionally displaying unsportsmanlike behavior (to put it nicely). But the fans at Safeco Field were definitely well behaved. They of course were demonstrative when their team scored but there weren’t loud boos or pejorative names being shouted out when the visiting team got a hit or homerun. It’s just refreshing being someplace where sports fans still do behave with class.

We actually ended up getting lunch at a restaurant near Safeco Field (Elysian Field, a brewpub that’s part of the Elysian Brewing Company), so we didn’t really partake of any of the stadium fare. But being the West Coast, they definitely had more unique offerings like a Thai food place, a wine bar (so West Coast), and a Peet’s Coffee Bar. Coming from the East Coast where the only hot drinks you can get are plain Lipton tea, coffee, and mediocre hot chocolate, this was fantastic since our baseball game Memorial Day weekend was a freezing experience (I was very cold for the bulk of the game).

Seattle's Safeco Field Seattle's Safeco Field

You don’t have to be an avid sports fan to appreciate attending a sporting event in a new place. You can simply be like me and take it all in, take some cool photos, and just enjoy yourself for the time that it lasts. Until my next Major League Baseball game!


Tips for visiting

You can take the Seattle Link Light Rail to the Stadium station from the downtown area. It’s then about a five minute walk to Safeco Field.


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