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I love Ferris wheels. When I saw that there was one right in downtown Atlanta, I mentally made plans to go. SkyView Atlanta is relatively new to the city (it opened last July) and reaches a height of 200 feet during its “up up and away” moments.


Following our dinner at a Korean taco place in the extremely deserted downtown, we made our way over to Centennial Olympic Park. I had hoped to ride the Ferris wheel when it was completely dark in order to see everything lit up but between our 5 AM wake up call and then a pretty jam packed day once we had arrived in the Georgia capital, I had to make do with a sunset ride which I think was a worthy compromise, wouldn’t you agree?


While we had to wait in line for about 10 minutes, it was nothing too terrible (ironically enough, I waited in a longer queue  this past weekend at Chipotle). I do think it was probably better to visit in the evening since during the day, there wouldn’t be much shade there to escape the hot sun. (If you do go during the day, just be sure to apply plenty of sun screen before hand and drink lots of water)

The really neat thing about the Ferris wheel is that each of its 42 gondolas are climate controlled, which means in the “cold” Atlanta winters you’ll have heat and in the oh so hot Atlanta summers, you’ll have the wonderfulness that is air conditioning. I was there over Memorial Day and it was extremely hot and humid so I can only imagine how much worse it is during a summer day in July or August.


I was extremely happy when after boarding our gondola, the worker immediately secured the latch. Even though the gondolas fit up to six people, it seemed all parties, whether they were two people or four people, got their own gondola which I thought was nice. As I mentioned above, it wasn’t at all crowded so I’m not sure if this would still be the same during busier times.

Each ride consists of four full revolutions which comes out to about a 15 minute ride. Atlanta’s skyline is (no offense) nothing like that of New York or Chicago’s, and yet the views were still stunning. You could truly see for miles. The Ferris wheel is located right in Centennial Olympic Park so for that you truly had a bird’s eye view of everything there, including the Fountain of Rings.

IMG_3908 IMG_3913 IMG_3920

Visiting SkyView Atlanta was a great way to end our first day there. That’s what I love most about Ferris wheels-people of any ages, young and old, can enjoy them. The staff were friendly and courteous and its convenient location to other prime attractions make it all the more desirable to visit. Those “15 minutes of fun” won’t necessarily be cheap, but how often do you get to enjoy such a view?

IMG_3921 IMG_3924

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SkyView Atlanta

168 Luckie Street NW Atlanta

Adult (Ages 13+) – $13.50 + tax

Senior (Ages 65+) – $12.15 + tax

Military – $12.15 + tax

Child (Ages 3-12) – $8.50 + tax

Children 2 and Under – FREE

Check out its Facebook page for operating hours

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