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Spontaneous Travel

If there’s one thing I would love to do but haven’t yet, it would be to travel spontaneously. None of the booking plane tickets and hotels months in advanced, no nights pouring over travel guide books plotting out touring strategies comparable to those that were plotted for the Allies’ invasion of Europe during the Second World War. No, I’m talking about when you see a travel deal and would love to take advantage of it but refrain from doing so due to the constraints of work and vacation time. Spontaneous travel would just be to do it and think of connecting all the lines afterwards, once you’ve secured that incredible deal.

The most spontaneous I’ve gotten was booking our Disney cruise this past January although the cruise itself wasn’t until September. I booked simply because the sailing rate was fantastic and I didn’t want to deliberate on whether or not to book, when cruise sailing rates often do sell out.

Popular “deal of the day” websites like Groupon and Living Social now offer weekly travel deals. Although I’ve purchased my share of Groupons and Living Social deals (mainly for restaurants) I’ve yet to “get in on the deal.” It’s not that I don’t want to. Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning I eagerly look forward to see what new escape deals are sitting in my email inbox. The problem is that the turnaround time for using them is very brief and a week stay in French Polynesia does not really seem feasible, especially when having to complete travel there all before the last day of the year.

There was one deal that seemed incredible and entirely perfect for someone like me. Latin America and cooking, need I say more? For $1025 (USD) “Cooking with Magic in Mexico” included a night stay for two in a villa guest room at La Villa Bonita located in Tepoztlan, a small village in the state of Morelos, round-trip ground transfers from Mexico City, a guided hike for two to Tepozteco Pyramid, a guided trip for two to a local farmer’s market, and most importantly, your cooking class. La Villa Bonita was named one of the Five Best Culinary Vacations worldwide by Food Network and the fact I didn’t purchase this incredible deal and what most likely would have been an incredible experience, I am still kicking myself for not doing. The four night package (on La Villa Bonita’s website there are two package deals, a four night and a seven night package) costs $1550 (USD) for just one person and at one less day there.

I hope that sometime next year La Villa Bonita will be another deal and if it is, I probably wouldn’t hesitate to book, knowing what a good deal half off a cooking vacation in a beloved country of mine would be.

Any spontaneous travelers out there? Or do you methodically plan your trips?

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    November 22, 2011 at 6:15 am

    I was researching La Villa Bonita, and I ran across your post. You might be excited to know that the deal is being offered again! I just bought it (and am elated!), so I thought I’d pass along the link: https://share.livingsocial.com/deals/169397?ref=conf-jp&rpi=36889246.

    –Another red-headed traveler

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    the red headed traveler
    November 22, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing! And how wonderful you bought the deal, it sounds so incredible!

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