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Statues from around the world

It may be slightly cheesy or cursi as the Spanish like to say (gosh I miss Spanish slang), but I enjoy taking pictures of statues. Not just world renowned statues (i.e. the STATUE of Liberty) but statues of equal importance to the city/town or country they’re in. The next time you travel somewhere I encourage you to take a picture of a statue you encounter even if you have no idea who it is of. Odds are it was someone important, whether he (or she) was from this century or five centuries ago.

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
The father of sherry you could say-Tio Pepe
 Córdoba, Spain
Maimonides, an incredible figure I learned about during my semester abroad in Spain. He was a Sephardic Jew and was by all accounts a brilliant scholar. 

 Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica-Mexico
Pope John Paul II

Dublin, Ireland
James Joyce
Granada, Nicaragua
(Please forgive my finger). Don Francisco Hernandez de Córdoba-founder of the city

Walt Disney and his best pal
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