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“Summer Vacations”-do you actually take one during the summer?

It’s strange but I haven’t taken a summer vacation in a long time. Not because I haven’t wanted to, but as I’ve gotten older, my travel knowledge growing ever larger, I prefer traveling when crowds are less and often costs are too. I’m neither a student nor a teacher so I’m not restricted to the “summer travel season.” My wedding last year was in August but D and I waited until after Labor Day to go to Europe for our honeymoon. Plane tickets were considerably cheaper if we waited those two and half weeks after the wedding and not to mention many of Paris’ smaller shops and restaurants are closed during the months of July and August. (This is when many of its residents head to the mountains and beaches for their own summer vacations.)

I spent a long weekend in Chicago this past February after this year’s infamous storm there and another long weekend in Asheville, North Carolina for the Memorial Day holiday, but D and I have no plans to travel anywhere the rest of the summer. We are however taking a Disney cruise to the Bahamas in September to celebrate our first anniversary. And of course we’ll be doing the hula dance in Hawaii come November. But those are trips that will be after the “Dog Days” of summer. When gone will be the smell of grilling, trips to the pool, and delectable finds at local farmers’ markets and in its place, colder temperatures, shorter days, and an ever intense desire to travel somewhere. So of course costs and crowds play a factor in my wanting to have my summer vacation not actually during the summer, and yet I love the thrill of knowing I’m going on a trip when everything seems cold and monotonous at home. Summer is flying by and while I can’t wait for my two vacations, I wouldn’t wish the season away for anything. There’s simply nothing like it.

What about you, do you have a preferred time of the year you like taking a vacation?

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